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Meet my bunny Autumn

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This is Autumn, the newest member of our family. She is a rescue bunny from our local SPCA where I have started volunteering.

This is her playpen in the living room. You can see that Bella and Pepper are curious about her and often lay around outside her pen watching her!

Bella gets along well with her and they can be out together with supervision.

Pepper was afraid of her at first and would run away whenever Autumn would try to play, but he seems to be getting more comfortable with her each day so I'm hoping they can be friends!

And lastly, I took these yesterday for Autumn's "halloween photo"!

Well, now you've met Autumn!

(Thank you Sam for prompting me to post about her!)
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Aww Autumn is so cute Great photos!!
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Aw, Autumn looks like a sweet bunny.
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OMG how cute is that . The last 2 pics are my fav. one's , to cute .
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She's adorable! How much does she weigh?
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Awwww! she is such a cutie:
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Thanks, I think she's adorable!

Lucia, she weighs 4.6 pounds right now.
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youre right to watch Bella with Autumn. you never know! she is adorable by the way. is she a dwarf? I LOVE bunnies and if given a chance i would want a holland lop or a miniature rex (velveteen rabbit). but for one, hubby would never let me, and two, I am afraid.
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I'm kind of apprehensive about bunnies. My landlord's bunny bit my leg once. Through my jeans and I still bled
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Thanks Raquel! I will never let Autumn be out with Pepper or Bella unsupervised, I agree that the risk is too great. But we do have a lot of fun with our play sessions!
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Autumn is SOOO cute! You have an easter bunny!! I used to have bunnies when I was a girl. Actually my cousin had an indoor bunny who used a litter box and had the run of the house. The really amazing thing is that they also had a Beagle! And they were like sisters!
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Aw, I think bunnies are one of the most beautiful creatures god made! Especially Autumn and Hey what a sweet name for such a sweet bunny. I had a bunny called Bugsy that looks alot like Autumn. I think it's great how Bella gets along with her!

Thanks alot for posting the pictures, Sunni Jean, they made me feel good!
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awwww she's a sweetie
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I've always loved bunny rabbits. Autumn is adorable!
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Autumn is a beauty.

A snuggly bunny.
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She is a precious bunny. I love her Halloween photos.
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