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Since I am apparently the demon here I will fix the problem by deleting myself from this site.

Donna...I am hurt and amazed at you. Have I not answered any question posed me other than do you have a brother,cousin? What is cowardly about opening a topic of discussion and allowing others to voice their own opinion rather than just respond to mine?

Anne...you have a beautiful site here and do an excellent job. I will miss it. You will surely stay in my prayers.

To the rest of you...Thanks for the smiles that some of us have shared. I'll miss you too. This is a civilized gentleman taking his leave from where he is not welcome. Goodbye.
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this is a joint effort.

I'm on the phone with Deb25, and since she can't be on the computer & the phone at the same time, I'm posting for both of us. (she's hoping to get indoor plumbing soon)

KF, you are not the entire cause of this debacle. There are people that stick with this site because of the friendships they are developing, & I don't think your resigning solves any problems.

Today you, tomorrow someone else, and then the site will be left will only new people, and the cycle begins again.

Your presence helps shape the personality of this site and these forums.

It's not like we're going to be able to reconvene at Bennigans later.

we're going to have confict. if things are going to be interesting. that's the reality. quiting doesn't solve anything or make the problem go away. If anything it creates resentment.
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That image has been deleted. I'm sure Catarina didn't mean to offend anyone, but I guess it was out of line.

Look, people, I feel I am very guilty here of not stopping this whole thing on time. Yes, I have now changed the guidelines and we will be more strict about keeping anything like that out of the forums.

This is not to make any moral judgement about the subject - just to say that they these things don't have a place here.

Kittyfoot, I have enjoyed your posts and I hope that you will stay. I hope that we can all burry the hatchets and get back to the friendly tone that we use here. The whole episode is best forgotten. It doesn't matter for the future, as those things will not be repeated here.
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I can't help but add my final 2 cents on this matter.

I find it odd that discussions of an adult nature are immediately referred to as pornographic.

Why is it that these topics are taboo, but violently and verbally attacking others is not?

If people are going to continue to visit this site on anything more than a casual "once in awhile" basis, there has to be something on the boards to discuss that is of some substance.

Many people have privately discussed what Blue had the nerve to post publicly in the first place.

Some people are ready to take conversations to a new level around here. While I respect Anne and the "family nature" of this site, I hope to see something being posted that is worthy of some-thought provoking discussion.

People who participated in the threads in question have now had to sit here and have their moral character brought into question. I resent that.
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Aside from my apology, which was to NOONE in particular and from NOONE except myself. I simply felt that it was the politically correct thing to do out of respect for Anne and Anne alone.

I don't think KF should go. I also happen to COMPLETELY agree with Deb above in her points. I won't restate them, but it is my personal belief that she is correct and so was KF in his responses in another thread regarding this matter.

Many here have begun to build friendships because of this wonderful place. But, should it truly be limited to casual conversations as apossed to more mature/rational discussions? I don't think any of it was at all pornographic or obscene. Granted, it was bold and pushing the envelope of what might be considered "good taste". But, this echos of Nazi Germany and Big Brother. Therefore, I felt it nescesary to finally be open and honest and say this.

However, on the flip side, I totally understand Anne's point-of-view as well and, after all, it is HER site first and foremost. She IS the boss and I will gladly abide by whatever rules she feels fit to set forth. I feel worse for Anne than anyone else.

Acting like immature children won't accomplish anything! We are all adults (or pretend to be at times I guess) and should act accordingly to this. It is now past, so let's all just move on.
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I hope no one feels judged because they took part in that thread. I did too and I don't feel bad about it. I am not passing judgement on the subject matter or way it was conveyed -just saying that in retrospect, it had no place in this forum.

I resent the Nazi Germany association though - that is taking things a bit too far IMO.

I will close this thread now. I have talked to KF via emails and I hope everything is settled now. I don't want this to star flames in this thread or any other.

Anyone else who want to comment about the issue, please PM or email me. Don't start it all over again in a different thread.
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