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Kill Bill

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2 words~




2 thumbs up here!
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I cant wait to see this movie!!! I hear this is part one.
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yep, part 2 coming in february!
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i want to see it SOOO badly!!!
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Quentin Tarantino is an ever lovin' GENIUS! I can't wait to see Kill Bill.
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Never heard of it..

Can someone please fill me in.
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Woo hoo! My fiance and I are going to see it this afternoon... I'm so excited!

... I am a Tarantino junkie (=
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How gory is it? Is there any barfing in it? That's the one thing I can't stomach is when they have graphic barfing in movies.
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I don't recall any barfing in it. But there is a lot of blood gushing out of bodies. If it wasn't funny...I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. But, It is so freakin' funny, I couldn't stop laughing in some scenes. We saw it opening night, Friday.
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I can handle blood, and guts type gore, but I can't handle anything even remotely involving barfing. Sounds like I will have no problems with this film.
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Sickel and Ebert (spelling?) gave it two thumbs up. I can't wait for DVD!!! I am a huge Tarantino fan also, from his Pulp Fiction days of when I first met his style

Hope you crack me up, I'm not too much into barfing scenes either, the whole sound effect with it freaks me out LOL!

And the good thing is that these actresses trained really really hard for this film and they are doing most of their stunts (so they say) and it's all about women heee! heee!

Either you'll like this movie or you'll hate it and think :censor::censor::censor: is this crap?
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All right, I have not been paying close attention to new movie stuff lately, and so this did not register as a movie title. And apparently in Canada at least it has an R rating. So the movie marquee I passed today said "Kill Bill R" I wondered what had p&*##ed of the AA group in town. And then realized that was a movie title and rating.

It took me a surprising length of time to figure that out. I need to get out more.
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LMAO!!! Don't feel bad LOL!
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Can't wait to see it. 2 guys from work are going to see it with me in 2 weeks time (if I can wait that long).
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What is it about? The previews don't really tell much...fill me in please!
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this was the best movie! I saw it last night and wow was the blood flying and limbs and heads. I loved it. Uma is great. Quentin is strange as usual and I love that too. he makes really kick-a films. and I forget the term, where the scenes dont match the music, but he uses that really well. and the 'old klingon saying' was hilarious.

I highly recommend !
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Ok I'm going to finally post about this. . . I saw it Friday and I hated it.
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Originally posted by Big Kat
Ok I'm going to finally post about this. . . I saw it Friday and I hated it.
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I don't know really. I just kept waiting for it to be over. I didn't really mind all the gore since it was done in a light and funny way, except that I didn't think it was that funny, just kind of silly. I thougt most of the scenes were too long. I thought the opening and the hospital scene were too disturbing to be thrown into the middle of a light film. I usually like his movies, and I'd defintely agree that the visual shots and filming in this one were fantastic and beautiful, but for me that wasn't enough to like the movie. I'm glad I saw it I guess just to see the camera work, but that's about it.

again, since mine is obviously not the popular opinion!
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