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UGH. Sick feral cat and kittens problem - what to do?

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OK, let me start by saying that we rescued 4-5 kittens this summer (4 that we took +1 that went my mother). We have a large feral cat problem in our community (Rockland, NY).

Well, there's one cat still out there that's been looking very old and relatively sick. He looks ancient, TIRED and bedraggled - I have no clue if he's just really old or sick with FIV or FELV, etc... I have been debating trying to catch him and put him to sleep.

To make matters worse, I went looking for him today, and one of the new kittens (5-6 weeks?) that's still loose was curled up under his head. So now I'm afraid she's going to be sick with whatever he has. I don't know what their relationship is - this is the first time I've seen them together - he's usually alone. I didn't see the kitten's mother.

The main problem is that we have zero resources to catch these cats. We live in a small one-bedroom apartment with two cats and a rabbit. I recently lost my job (I'm trying to freelance) and since I can't collect unemployment because of my freelance work, I basically have a negative income for the time being. After spending $700+ on the last cats and months of emotional see-saws, my girlfriend has regrettfully said she can't help.

When we caught the first round of kittens, there were no local groups who would help, other than helping kittens get adopted once they were already tested, healthy and cared for.

I don't want to see this older cat suffer, and I don't want to see the younger cat suffer the older cat's fate.

What can you do? Is there anyone to call? What do you do?
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Scott will this help?

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Unfortunately Hissy, none of those groups cover our area. The closest one is an hour or so away.

I've tried the Westchester-area groups - no phone calls or emails were returned, and if they were, it was groups that would only take kittens after they were full cared for and fostered.

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If you need help with a local feral colony or additional information on feral cats, please email the Best Friends Network at bfnetwork@bestfriends.org or call 435-644-2001 ext.123.

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Well if you were closer I would reach out and help you. I do know of someone in your area, but they are away at a conference right now and won't be home till November 12th. Too late to do anything. It really depends on what the older male has, as to if the kitten is at risk or not. If you could find a safe place to put the kitten (if you can capture it) that would of course be best. But for now, it sounds like they are just turned over to fate and whatever happens, happens... Thank you for caring though- so many do not.
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