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New Cat Adjustment?

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I just brought home two lovely 5 month old tuxedo kitties, a brother and sister combo. Now how long does this adjustment time take? They are doing better but seem afraid of me! And yet have at times allowed me to pet them. I just hope and pray they aren't the type of cats that don't let anyone near, I mean I do see glimpses of a real people personaltiy, but only glimpses. They came from a foster home that I think they were pretty happy in so maybe they are just mad they had to leave and resent me?

Right now they seem to spend about half the time playing and half the time hiding. Which I do realize is normal. But I am concerned this is a pattern.

Any advice would be appreciated!
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It can take months for a cat to warm up to you if they are shy. The magic number for my kitties seems to be 3 months. But it depends on the temperment and personality of the cats. Be patient!
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They'll warm up to you. I just think they are still in a bit of shock from being moved to a new home. My late Persian Stanley didn't seem like he liked me at all the first day I got him, but by about the third day, he was coming to me and purring. So, give them a little time. I know they'll realize that you're their new mommy.
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My neighbor recently adopted a brother sister kitty combo. The male was friendly right away, no fears. The female was shy, but came around in a week. You just never know....just give the shy one space and a calm soothing voice....big step for them getting a new home and mama!
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Thanks, I am hanging in there with this. I have never had a cat before where I wasn't their first home so this is a bit of a shock.
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just take it slow, play with them and pet them and talk to them. even if they are hiding, bring out some toys and coax them out. it will take a while before they are completely comfortable with their new house and new mommy, but dont worry!
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