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older cat, my food, nasty habits, driving me crazy. not to mention going to give me a heat attack. again.

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I am new to here,  and Oh my I do need some advice, badly......   I am in my Late 40's (actually going in reverse since I hit 52)  lol  in any case. I will give you a total background on the Bad cat, and the little Angel of mine too.  so if there might be a problem in between time, maybe someone will spot the problem. ..... so here goes


I have a older cat, had her for about 12 to 13 years now..  the older one, Salem, lived with me in a 1 room apartment, for most of her life.  and just before my move into a 8 room home. (3 bedroom, living room, dining, kitchen, front porch and back) I picked up a little 8 month old, but I am getting ahead of myself.  But, She (salem, the older cat)  was great when I got her, actually picked her up from a shelter before she was going to be killed later that day.  nothing was wrong with her,  she was 2 years old, and not one wanted her, so I got her for pretty much a steal.  she was great for years,  then one year I started my RV trips more often,  which meant continuous feeding trays,  which made her put on weight.  (oh in case your asking,  she was and never would have been a RV cat, she goes berserk in a car / truck, ripping anything and anything apart.)


She kept the weight on for a few years,  and even when my new little one came into my life. (Spookey, I swear a reincarnated human.)  only because she is pure black with a white on her chest, and a few on her under botton.  neither really got along from day one.  ;)  but I still went out on RV Trips, but with the little one with me,  so again, a continuous feed bowl.  As I seen how fat she got, I figured that Last year, I would not go out camping at all, even this year as well.  , So 3 Octobers ago. I figured that I would make sure that both of them were on a 4 meal per day, with a few treats between the dinner and last feeding at 11pm.   (so basically, it went like this...  7am, Noon, 5pm, and 11pm  with a few treats between 5pm and 11pm, and when I usually awake in the night about 2 or 3am.  another small treat for both.)


I kept them on Indoor Hairball, and weight watchers type, To be exact, "Eukanuba Adult Indoor Weight Control & Hairball Formula Dry Cat Food"  and in those feedings, I give them just a little over a ounce of food, maybe more, its a med sized shot glass,  done that since then, the older one lost all of her weight, and back down to what a adult cat should be.  the little one, actually grew up great, and is healthy as a cat can be at her young age.  the vets agree, the little one is in perfect health.  (Spookey will go with me everywhere, at anytime. the older one, forget it, its like trying to take away a chunk of beef from a Panther.  wont go, wont move, and will hiss like its her life is at steak.... ) needless to say I cant take the old one anywhere, period.  so I dont know her health at this point.  


Behavior between the 2, started out badly, as most would when there is a dominate cat (by the way, both are female)  and bring in a younger, almost baby, there was trouble for almost 2 years.  then with a few broom wavings at the old fart.  she got the hint and things got better, though, I there was a lot of hissing around from the old fart.  and the little one would be jumping towards me for protection,  in which I always gave to her, when I knew or seen trouble on the horizon.  then things settled down, and got better, especially when I moved in this house.  more room, less face to face between them.  (though surprisingly, they have a blast together,  in the middle of the night, playing, running after each other, sort of like chase the tail, and so on.  but during the day,  you would never know.  the little one always wants to make friendly, the old one, well,  she wont have any of it, (In the Day) in any case......


of late with the Older cat, and my point of posting this.  since July of this year,  has started a very very bad habit,  she is stalking the kitchen, and any sort of food left out, or even in a bag, like doughnuts, or cakes, in heavy plastic,  meat left out to thaw over night.  all have been eaten, candies, cookies, anything.  she even started to open the cupboards,  storage areas, so I started to lock them down with anything and everything i have,  but she still manages to wipe out 3 days of meals somehow.    in less than the time I shopped for them.  I am loosing my mind, and health over this,   thats the biggest problem. her and the massive consumption of food, and it has all started this past July.    


Now, one more thing, that has got me thinking too.  most of the summer,  and maybe not related, but maybe someone can help me here too.  most of the spring, summer and fall, as long as the weather holds up, I let them, on to the front porch, where they can lay on the special sills for them to watch out the windows that hold time. or till the weather forces me to close off the 3 season porches.  there are outdoor cats that are in the area, and I think that a few of them have been trying to swoon the older fart (and fixed) when I chase them off, its like telling your 14 year old girl, you cant see that boy, your not right together.  you know whats going to happen,  just more attraction.  but I scare the hell out of them, (the outside ones) and they stay away for a few days.  I had to close off the front porch in July,  because the older cat almost jumped out, through the screen at some birds at the feeders.  which I have had since i moved here, and they both have watched through the seasons.  not one problem, till the older cat went crazy.  so again, I cut the porch windows closed off.  because I love the birds too, and I get them all here, usually they will watch them, as if they were children at the zoo. knowing they can not get to them, period,  but that happened in July.  since this other problem started.  not to mention drinking a ton of water per day.  and if the auto cat cleaning box dont clean it proper, the old fart will **** and piss anywhere.  again starting this July. 


I do not beat either of them.  only with a scare from a fly swatter,  or I will put them into their car carrier to punish them for things they do wrong.  though the older one I am thinking that she may become in fact, the first cat on Mars.......


Thoughts? and please if you have questions, (mostly because I cant tell a story for crap,  though I do know how to write poems, go figure) lol,  ask me.  or make me make it clear.  and I will do so.  but I need help before i am forced to drop her where I found her, a shelter, and now in the area I am in, the country,  its a killing shelter.  if they cant find homes for them.  



Thanks, in Advance,   Ray

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The increased water drinking and inappropriate elimination make me think diabetes. And unfortunately, the weight control dry kibble is known for causing this.
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Originally Posted by peaches08 View Post

The increased water drinking and inappropriate elimination make me think diabetes. And unfortunately, the weight control dry kibble is known for causing this.

i do break it up once in awhile, with either regular can cat food, or (and mostly) regular cans of tuna fish. to keep their coats shine.  i hope its not what you spoke of,

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I'd get her checked out by a vet. Diabetes is very manageable. Sometimes just changing the diet is enough.
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I agree with a vet visit as soon as possible.
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I agree, vet visit time.

Increased appetite, increased thirst, and change in litter box habits all point to some sort of medical problem and she needs to see the vet. If she absolutely hates the car contact your vet and see if they can give you something to help calm her down on the trip there.
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