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Is it a domination thing?

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Whenever Roo and Kanga play I hear Roo meow more that ever. It's like he's talking to Kanga "Don't do that, don't go over there" and when they play fight, Roo bites the back of Kanga's neck. Not hard, but enough to make Kanga play fight back. Usually he just does it for a second but yesterday he wouldn't let go until I separated them.

Do you think it's a domination thing? Do you think Roo's trying to assert the Alfa Male thing now that Kanga is getting bigger?

and ideas would be helpful.

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Biting the back of the neck is a mating behavior. When done by altered cats, it is usually a sign of dominance. As long as it doesn't draw blood, I wouldn't worry about it. However, if Roo isn't yet neutered, it might be time to have that done.
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That's the weird thing, Roo's been neutered since he was 2 or 3 months old. He's 3 years old last month and this is the first I've seen of this behaviour. Kanga is also a male but he hasn't been neutered yet. He's 3 months old yesterday. (Oct. 11th) Holy crap, I gotta get him in! I didn't realize how much time had passed.

So ya, they are both males and one isn't neutered.
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Your babies are so cute! I hope everything will be fine I'm sure it will. Hopefully its just a newly inspired way to play.

My 1 year old and 5 month old play wrestle and are always so gentle and Jasmine will meow if she needs tenchi to stop if he gets too rough.
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My neutered males mount each other as a show of dominance. They particularly pick on Bob, my former indoor/outdoor (now indoor only) male that was alpha male outside. This has lessened in the last few months as the pecking order is being re-established since his permanent arrival indoors.

Your older cat appears to be establishing dominance over your kitten. Until that pecking order is established, he may continue to do so, even if your younger one is neutered.
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