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hair color

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Those hair colors that wash out in 12-24 shampoos, these are just temporary right? I want to color my hair the burgandy color (the dark purplish color), but I dont want it to be permanent. Loreal and Clairol have the ones that wash out in so many, and I want to make sure this is true. I just hope it wont look tacky on me. I have medium brown hair, with highlights, and I'm tired of it and want something new just temporarily. I also have fair skin, too. My guess is it should look ok.
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They are kind of tempory. I have dark hair and use the ones that wash out in 24 showers. They really don't wash all the way out though. and they do not change my hair color all that much.
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It's sort of true...
I'm a redhead but I like it to be brighter, so I use the Natural Instincts color b/c if I get lazy and don't want to color again, I don't want to have roots.

In my experience, they last about a month. If you just do it once or twice it should wash out in a month, but the formulas do have a small amount of peroxide in them, so if you use them repeatedly you may find that your hair is a little lighter when the color washes out.

What you might want to do is try a temporary color (one that washes out with your next shampoo) to get a general idea of how it's going to look, then if you like it go with the semi-permanent. Be sure to stay within your natural color range (don't try to go drastically lighter or darker).

Hope this helps!
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I just noticed you said you have highlights - if you want a burgundy color, be sure to stay w/in your natural range (not too dark) especially b/c you have highlights - the color will 'grab' onto those areas more. You can apply a deep conditioner to your highlighted areas to help keep them from absorbing too much color.

I strongly suggest trying temporary first - you can go dramatic with it much more safely. You should be able to find it at a beauty supply store, and the employees there can advise you about application, too.
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Go to
I was thinking this color: 94
Malaysian Cherry - Dark Red

It doesnt look that dark. You said the color would grab on to my highlights. Would the cherry color not wash out still in 24 shampoos?
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What I believe she is saying is that your highlighted areas will grab the color differently than the rest of your hair. Also, you always need to be careful with reds. They fade faster than other colors. I gave up on reds because they always faded to blonde on me very quickly.
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I use the permant kind, and when they stopped making Loreal open(which was what I loved and used like a religion) I decided to try same brand different color, well it turned out to be my natural hair color! LOL! and to think, the box said dark auburn. it turned out brown with tiny specks of red here and there. oh well, back to the drawing board! LOL!
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I too want to change my hair color. I am now a medium blonde and want to go to a darker shade in a brown? maybe. Any suggestions for what I might try?
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I think it depends on how much darker it is than your highlights. That's a pretty color! If I were you, I'd call the color consultant number they list on the website, just to confirm with them that the color will wash out of your highlights.
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Wow, my computer is so slow, all these other responses showed up while the page was loading!

Cathi, there's some temporary stuff you can get in the beauty supply store that'll make it darker until the next time you wash it. It comes in a gray bottle with pink writing but I can't remember the name of it. For a dramatic change, from blonde to brown, or if you're unsure of the best color or how to do it, I'd say go to a salon the first time - I know it's expensive, but you can get good professional advice for the first time, so you can do it yourself the next.

My hair is naturally a light auburn color, but it fades out to blonde in the sun. When I started staying out of the sun my roots started growing out, and it looked like I had been bleaching my hair. I went to a salon for the first visit, to help color all the hair to match the roots. Too funny - I started coloring my hair to keep from looking like I colored my hair! But now I like to make it a deeper red, it's fun though it does wash out way too quick, but permanent color is way too damaging - I'll stick with the semi-permanent for fun every now & then. I use the Natural Instincts Desert Sunrise, but it's getting harder to find. Hope it's not being discontinued!
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Tuxedokitties, the stuff you're talking about is called Fanci-ful. Its available at any drugstore, WalMart or beauty supply.

I use L'Oreal Preference or Excellence (whichever I have a coupon for). At all costs, stay away from Nice 'N Easy. It is the worst for fading or going brassy on you. Stay away from anything "balsam", too - it leaves a waxy coating on your hair.

I'm an ash blond (I think) and use Preference 7 1/2A (medium ash blond) or Excellence 7 (dark blond). They both cover up that nasty stuff, sprouting at my temples. With the L'Oreals, I don't get the fading, even when I use the reds. Thought I might try the Rouges Romantiques, next.
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I guess I could also buy the color, and do a test on a few strands under the top layers of my hair to see how it turns out.
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Tig - just a word of warning about putting even temporary colour on highlights . . . I put auburn on my hair a few years back (more dark ginger rather than burgundy), and the natural brown hair went the correct colour, where I put the rinse onto the blonde highlights they went bright orange and never completely washed out, even though the colour was meant to be temporary.

Of course this does depend on the porosity of your hair, the original composite of the blond highlights as well as the type of temp colour and also how long you leave it on for.

To avoid a disaster I think your idea of a test in an inconspicous area is the best bet.
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They are sort of temporary. But a word of warning... once you use one with a reddish tint, your hair will always have a touch of red in it. I had to strip mine to get the red out completely.
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I went to Sally's and bought some color - it's called medium violet brown. Or something like that. It's one that washes out in 24 shampoos. I look like I got into a paint war with someone, though. I was never good at not making a mess with color, lol! We'll see how it turns out
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i'm hoping for the best for you!! i'm a hair coloring veteran myself...always loved going red!
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Well, it turned out nice. It's darker, and my highlights have been hidden well. The burgandy shows more in the light. I think I like the color, so I will see how it does in the next coming weeks. If I like it, I'll keep doing it the same way, and not go permanet. I think Sally's is a bit pricey, though. I spent $12.00, and that included 2 bottles of the color (Clairol), a mixing bottle, and a bottle of the color enhancer.
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That's not a bad price you paid at all!
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Well, glad it turned out well!! At least it didn't turn out green!! I remember a girl I knew who was fooling around with different brands of haircolor and ended up with bright green hair. It worked out though, as it was very close to St Patrick's Day!! hahaha
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Every time I used to try and go blone, it would ALWAYS go bright orange because I have strong red undertones. Now if I dye my hair, I go brunette or red. But I hardly ever cause it's such an upkeep thing. I would rather than keep doing that again.

Do you have any pics? I'd really like to see it in the light.
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I was going to warn you that if you're blonde they are NOT temporary. Also, anything with red in it tends to be less temporary, but if you like how that looks that won't be an issue.
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Phew - glad it turned out OK. I've given up doing self-colour coz it always ended up going pear-shaped on me!!

I won't tell you how much I spend every 8 weeks on my highlights - but let's say its a good job they do them so well, other wise I'd never be able to justify the amount I pay.

Tigger - got a picture of you new colours for us to see?
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I have hair with a wave ......... so far its waved good bye and is continuing to do so. Also have nuclear hair - too much fall out.... Mine is about 1/4 inch now and I will happily accept any donations when you get your hair cut that can be glued to my scalp and re-live those days when I had some. Right now I have more hair on my chest than my head... still at least my wife loves me.

who looks like a toilet brush!
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There is a product called a "drabber" that is supposed to keep the color from going brassy. Using a shampoo, for color-treated hair helps, too. I have used Salon Selectives "Don't Fade On Me", for years.
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