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feline herpes

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About 2 weeks ago, I took Winnie, the bengal, to the vet, because she had a runny eye (the pink part was swollen) and she had discharge out of it. She was also sneezing. The vet said she has herpes, so he gave me clavamox and idoxuridine. She got better, and he told me to discontinue the meds after a week. Yesterday, her other eye started up, so I have been putting the drops in her eye again.
Are their vitamins to give her to keep her immunie system healthy? She is 6 months old. I feel bad for her. Is there a different type of food I can feed her? I have all the bengals (including the adults) feeding on Iams Kitten til Winnie and Minnie get closer to 10 months, so I can change them over to adult food. I bought chicken soup lovers soul food, but it's adult, and I wasnt sure if Winnie and Minnie can eat it eat all the time.
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I give all my guys grapefruit seed extract in there water (just a few drops in there water bowl) and it seems to help them from getting sick, or if they are sick it helps them get better. I also but two drops per can of food in there wet food and mix it up good. They do not seem to mind it at all but it has to be mixed in very good because it is very bitter.
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I tried the grapefruit seed drops, and I put 3 or 4 drops in their water, and they avoided it like the plague! Maybe I put too much in?
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you might have put too much. I have a BIG water bowl and only put three or four drops. Try only one drops in cold water, and make sure to stir it. also try mixing one or two drops in really good with some yummy canned food.
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Another useful product for herpes is L-Lysine. You can buy it in tablet form, and then put it into the food processor to make a powder.It's about 1/8 teaspoon for a bowl of dry food.
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What is L-Lysine and how does it help herpes?
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L-Lysine is a nutritional Amino acid suppliment. It's been shown to limit the severity of the infection and recurrent bouts. The properties in L-Lysine are supposed to limit the growth of the herpes virus. Some cats respond in days, some take weeks. It's usually recomended to keep them on a daily dose.
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