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What is the best dry food to feed your cat?

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I am looking into changing my cat's food.  I am wondering what is the best food to feed them?  Right now they are eating Cat Chow.  

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Do you need to feed dry food for budgetary reasons? Because wet food is actually far healthier for cats. This site, written by a vet, explains why in an easy-to-understand manner:

We can help identify inexpensive canned foods that are pretty healthy for your kitties; we can also help identify better dry foods.

But please be aware that if your cats eat only dry food, they each need to drink about one cup of water a day each to remain properly hydrated: not hydrated from a medical standpoint, but to not be chronically mildly dehydrated (which places stress on the organs, especially the kidneys).
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We also have dogs that would eat their wet food.  They get wet food at night when the dogs are put up.  I give them Friskes in wet food.  So we leave dry food down all day

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This might be a stupid question, but the dogs can't be closed out of a room for the 10 or 15 minutes it would take to feed the cats' meals? Or there isn't a table on which you can feed the cats?

I'm not trying to be difficult, just putting ideas out there.

(The dogs don't eat their dry food? We care for feral cats, and at this point, I'm not sure the neighbors even need to feed their dogs... rolleyes.gif ).

When I use dry food for the ferals, I use Nature's Variety Instinct Chicken grain-free. To lower the cost, I sometimes mix it with 4Health from Tractor Supply (which is not grain free and rather high carb).
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They tend to knock things over and if I locked the cats up they tend to dig at the carpet.  

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Aim for something grain free. I'm feeding a combo of dry and canned Taste of the Wild right now and my cat by far does the best on that wink.gif
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I will have to see if I can find that brand.  Thanks!

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My kitten eats Wellness Core, which is also grain free :D

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