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If it's a friend or family member, I usually answer, "Hey, what's up?" Otherwise, I always answer, "Hello?"



What's your favorite guilty pleasure?

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Originally Posted by ChristineMarie View Post

This one is quite simple. The first post starts with the question "What is your favorite....[add your top. I would have to say, I love chicken this is my favorite food.
The next post answers that question in either short or bit longer description. Then space down & ask your own "what is your favorite [add topic or item]?"
The next post answers that question, then drops down & asks another "what is your favorite..?" question, & so on. Example.....

What is your favorite...time of day?

next post: Night!

Morning! Love the sunrises!

What is your favorite... ice cream flavor?
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favorite guilty pleasure ? The guys in the Kmart commercial ringing their ''things'' ?



what is your favorite dream like ?

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My favourite dream? I assume you mean favourite sleeping dream (Sorry in advanced if I got the Q confused) my favourite dreams I've had include spending time with a guy I really care about, flying, perfoming ballet etc







What is your favourite way to get warm when it is chilly outside?

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Hot shower. I have eucalyptus hanging in my shower, so it's so relaxing! 


What's your favorite TV show from your youth?

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Marine Boy, it was a cartoon about a boy who swam under water all the time.  I don't remember anyone else liking it! :lol3:


What is your favourite seasonal festive decoration? 

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The Christmas tree! I LOVE having a Christmas tree up. I'd have it up for much more than a month if that wouldn't be considered weird. 



What's your favorite restaurant?

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At the moment its Arbys. Lol overall I would say Texas Roadhouse.

What's your favorite country?
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Denmark. I feel like their gov't does the best of taking care of the people. From what I've read, anyway.




What's your favorite room in your home?

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My critter room with my mice, gerbils, rats, degus, hamsters and my snake in it. I spend most of my time in there when I'm home and awake lol



What is your favorite owl species?

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The Great Horned Owl. They always look serious business. And they're great for making captioned images. 




What's your favorite childhood imagination game? Meaning, not a board game or card game, but one of those games you played with your friends outside that required explaining some set of rules you or other kids made up.

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The ones I definitely enjoyed were the ones out in the large backyard or forest, and me and my friend would pretend to be various historical figures and/or situations. For example, Julius Caesar and Cleopatra, Titanic, Ramses the Great, Napoleon's Battles, Civil War, WWII, etc we would have mock battles, pretend to rule a court, or try and survive through a mock disastor and so forth. Good times!





What is your favourite flavour of gum?

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None, because I don't chew gum. I'd probably pick spearamint or peppermint though.

What is your favorite meat to eat?
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What's your favorite season?

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Autumn. I love the holidays, weather (when it's not too hot and not too cold), and changing leaves during these months.



What's your favorite meal to cook?

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Herb Roasted Chicken and Vegetables!

What is your favorite Christmas/Holiday movie?
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The classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer movie.


What is your favorite smell?

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Roses and Sweet Honesty perfume



what is your favorite place to lay when watching TV ?  ( Bed,couch, lounger, a blow up mattress,or on the floor )

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Futon and couch!


What is your favourite item in your living room? (Other than cats, of course!)

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Thread Starter 
Decorative shelves, displaying my collection of horse figurines.

What is your favorite thing to eat while watching a movie?
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Popcorn is ideal. However, having just gone to the movies today and seeing the cost of popcorn, $6.50 for a small, my second favorite thing wins, and that's watermelon Sour Patch Kids bought elsewhere and smuggled in.



What's your favorite way to spend a day off?

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By spending a little time with my animals, working on my website, talking to friends and playing Mabinogi.


What is your favorite time of day/night?

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Originally Posted by Awaiting Abyss View Post



What is your favorite time of day/night?

   It changes for me according to the season/weather. When the weather is right, either a snowstorm or a spring morning, I have to say a beautiful sunrise wins.

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I like both sunrise and the evening.




What is your favourite acitvity that you like to do with your cats on Xmas?

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Unwrapping my prezzies. hyper.gif  Mouse loves all the paper and bits of ribbon, and seeing what comes out of the paper in case he can play with and run off with it in his mouth. If nothing else takes his fancy he'll tear the gift tags off and run about like he's caught a mouse. It's all for him. :rub:hert.gif santa_2.gif 



What's your favourite  fur family christmas dinner treat your loved ones with?

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Wendys, Subway



what is your favorite dream ?

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Sleeping dream? Mmm,  I liked the ones where I was flying, performing at a major event, or was spending time with someone I loved.






What is your favourite winter sport?

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Does snowball fighting count ?



What is your favorite way  end your night ?    

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Originally Posted by dejolane View Post

Does snowball fighting count ?


:lol3:    YES!   Nice one. 


Have a little play with Mouse and give him his supper  before I go to bed.


What's your favourite movie ending?

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Lmao Dejo




Mmmm...tricky one. I guess The Gladiator, even though it makes me cry EVERY SINGLE time I see it.





What is your favourite flavour of tea?


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