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HELP! my parents want to get rid of my cat!

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My parents want to get rid of my precious cat because she keeps urinating everywhere! I red the other post on urination problems, but that didnt help me enough. She just got better from urniary track infection about 2-3 weeks ago but we didnt go in for the follow-up at the vets because she seemed alright, like her pee amounts were normal and she seemed to be going fine. But now she started peeing everywhere! Like she used to only pee on my bed because i thought she was marking her terrritory because she smelled my old dog who used to sleep on it. So we bought a new matress and just last night she peed on it! She is peeing not spraying, she never acted like this before. My dad thinks its because she is mad at us or something. Do cat like get PMS without actually getting on their period? because she is spayed... she is also 1 years old. maybe she is just going through a stressful time in her kitty years? please help i had huge plans for our future and my parents said that if i figure out what is wrong then i can keep her if i can fix it. Will the product Feliway help? thank you
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I think she needs to go back to the vet. Like with people, UTI's normally arent cleared up after just one round of meds. They can seem fine but come back. Please get the kitty back to the Vet ASAP.
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ok i have convinced my mom to call the vet, but im dead meat if nothing is wrong cuz this time the vet wants to do xrays and the whole nine yards, and thats gonna cost a LOT
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she sounds like she still has a UTI, since she just had one it makes it even more possible.
Another question would be are her litter boxes clean? ALOT of cats will not go in a litter box more then twice and if the box isn't clean they will go else were. You might want to get her another litter box and make sure they are both scooped a couple times a day.
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yea her box was clean last night, and it had fresh litter, but she went on my sis's new matress AND on my parents couches. Do u really think she has UTI still? cuz shes peeing the normal amounts and when she did have it she was just dribbling pee, not realy going like she is now.
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I agree completely with Princess Purr that your cat needs to be seen by the vet again ASAP.

You said your parents want to get rid of your poor cat because she's urinating everywhere, so I want to make a couple of points.
Your parents need to understand that when someone brings a pet into their home they are taking on a big commitment and responsibility which includes veterinary care. Also, it sounds like your parents don't understand cats very well, and everyone in your home would benefit if they learned more about them. There are many good books available about cats, also this site is a fantastic source of valuable information.
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my parents have bought me several books on cats when i got her, my mom just doesnt really like cats, but she loves ours! we dont neglect taking her to the veteranarian, shes completely up to date on Everything and with all of her vet bills she has gone from a $0 cat to a $1000 cat in 1 year, thats how much we care about her. And we have taken her to the vet 3 times in 1 month. 1 for regular check-up, 1 because she had symptoms of UTI and once after she finished her meds and then the symptoms stopped so we assumed she was alright, but now they are back! but i did persuade my mom to take her to the vet to be looked over again. WE care about her, and thats why we do the things we do, but im afraid that my dads decision about taking her to the pound is the wrong one. But i WILL find out what is wrong and WE will fix it and she will be the perfect kitty again!
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^ohhh yea... i c but what is the one thing u were talking about?
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UH OH! my mom said that she doesnt want to take her to the vet now
She said it is going to cost WAY to much! How can i repersuade her!? IF i tell her how much she means to me, then shes just gonna say that im lieing! how do i get her to let her go to the vet.
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Your mom would say you are telling a lie if you say you love the cat? That is so sad.
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Tell your mom that she won't know how much it will cost until you take the cat to seen by professionals, and not diagnosed by someone over the internet. Your cat is either stressed or sick. Nine times out of ten, it turns out to be health related when they pee outside the box.
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Aw. Poor kitty. Tell your mom you'll pay for it. Even if it means cutting back on some things you like. That is my suggestion. I wouldn't want to give up my cat.

Good Luck!
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oh, the vet said it would cost around $300 just to do examines to see what is wrong, not neccisarily to solve it, but we are going to take it step by step. She is going to the vets tomorrow for an all day visit so that they can get a urine sample. if something turns up then they will go to X-Rays then so on and so forth.

^^about paying for it... i dont have $300 and i dont know where im going to get $300 maybe i could take out a family loan for $300 and pay her back in 10 years?
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$300.00 for a vet visit? I would find another vet! Even if they keep the cat all day, it shouldn't be that much!
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ok, she went to the vet and she still has UTI so we get to keep her! YAY! im so happy that it wasnt serious and that it wasnt a behavior problem! That lifted like a billion bricks off my chest. SO this time she has to go on a diet and take meds for two weeks. thanx for all of your help.
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Even if you think she is doing better, give her all the meds. That is very important to get her completely well.
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Kristina..You need to get your baby to the vet ASAP. I just had a 13 year old go through the same thing. The UTI can make your cat feel as if she has to go and if she is in pain, she may not be able to hold it. My cat did the same thing and with the proper medication, she is better now. Yes, we did pay over $300, but that was a small price to pay for the happiness of our cat
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I love my cat very much, but he needs to go, he's one years old and black, very cuddly. He has a cat bag and cat litter tray.
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Originally Posted by csmj2013 View Post

I love my cat very much, but he needs to go, he's one years old and black, very cuddly. He has a cat bag and cat litter tray.

Please start your own thread and explain what you mean.  I can't understand you.  Are you saying you need to get rid of him? Why? How is it relevant if he has a cat bag or litter tray?

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Originally Posted by csmj2013 View Post

I love my cat very much, but he needs to go, he's one years old and black, very cuddly. He has a cat bag and cat litter tray.

Welcome to TCS. The thread you are posting to has been dormant for 10 years. I invite you to start your own thread and tell us the problems you are having. Perhaps we can figure out a way where you don't have to get rid of him.

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