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With the child-support issue clarified, I'd say it looks a lot better for you. It's good that he's trying to get it straightened out.

I know some women who make more than their husbands - for example, one makes very good money, and her husband doesn't make as much, so when they had a baby together he stayed home to be a househusband and take care of their child. The other is an older woman whose children from her first marriage are almost grown, and her husband is a younger man who doesn't want kids. He's a good companion for her, but he doesn't aspire to get ahead in life at all, he just works as a waiter and is happy with that. He makes her happy, they have a lot of fun together, and she's OK with supporting him. Both are partnerships where both partners are happy with the arrangements. But there are also a lot of guys out there who will happily take advantage, and then bail or become abusive when times get tough. Going into this with your eyes open and not blinded by love is the most important thing, that you can talk together about the future and share goals and ideals.
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I chose my family because I was blessed enough to have a family that only wants to see me happy. If they hated my mate the only reason would be because he was abusive or a cheater or something. They have not liked a lot of my past bf's but they would NEVER force me to choose, and if they would it would be only because he is pure evil, and in that case I wouldn't want to be with him anyhow.

I feel bad for anyone whose parents don't support their choices, however misguided they may think they are. There's a point in life where they just have to admit they have no control and just hope for the best.
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Ditto Annabella. Willow, with you clarifying that up, and the whole bi-polar granny LMAO, I swear bi-polar people are difficult to handle, just as bad as my damn mood swings after having a baby LOL! I inquired about the family, because I've always noticed a trend in either the youngest or the oldest, the 'responsibility' or 'expectations' that parents demand or phantom in their heads. Even in adopted families. Being the only child in my last adopted family and a female and they were military, my life was pretty doomed since I didn't follow or meet up to their 'expectations'. They haven't spoken to me since my last year in college and really after I called up the dad and told him I was moving away (finally escaped their claws and possessiveness). He hit the fan though when I told him later on that I met a 'foreigner'. And ironically I live about 15 minutes from them at the moment

Seriously though, he needs to get a job, any job, McDonalds, Walmart, Target, whatever he can get his hands on, I swear the business my husband is working on, I keep asking him, after a year of this b.s. (not going well thanks to Bush's cut back on wireless telecommunications), that he just needs to get a freaking job anywhere that is bringing in a steady flow of income. I don't know how many people, especially foreigners that bust their chops with more than one job trying to make ends meet, or my single-mom friends that have more than one job trying to support their children. I wish to goodness he would fold and let me get a job, but husbands, what can you do? Can't live with them, can't live without them LMAO!!!
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Well as of 2 days ago he is applying for a job working with one of his friends at the local grocery store. He doesn't want to do it but between his friend and I we have him kinda "trapped" into doing it. Free rides to work, gets to hang out with his friend more, and get's to get health insurance that he needs badly! Him being Astmatic and all. so Hopfully he gets a job. Keeping my fingers crossed!
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