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Our Daily Thread for Tuesday July 17

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How is everyone doing? It's hot and humid over here and I'm still waiting for hubby to come back home (he's a bit late today - lots of work at the office).

Been spending a lot of time today fighting the neighbor's Amstaff off our newly planted garden. I don't mind them hanging around the yard with our dog (the cats are inside only now), but they're rolling all over the new flower beds . I've fenced in all three of them now (we have a special large fenced in area for the dog for when she wants to be outside and we can't watch her. The silly creatures jumped all over me and slobbered all over my hand :disturbed . Don't get me wrong - I love dogs, but can't help notice how they're not as elegant as the cats. My cats can show me they love me using no saliva and without smearing mud all over me
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Was glad to hear you and hubby were okay. Everytime I see those attacks going on close to you, I just offer up a prayer that all you love will not be involved in it. But how very scary for you. Hugs ((((())))))) About your dogs in your garden, here are some tips you might want to apply....

Pepper: You can make a simple animal repellent with black pepper and chilli pepper. It’s best to grind your own because the smell will be much stronger. Spread the powder on annuals and perennials to keep pets away.
Mothballs: These contain naphthalene which will repel animals. They can be used as a barrier around flowerbeds, but take care with children about.
Ammonia: Dogs and cats absolutely detest the smell of ammonia. Buy some cloudy ammonia and dilute with 10 parts water. Spray around the garden and yard but always do a small test before applying to plants.
Many people swear by the "bottle of water" trick. Just fill a 2lt clear plastic soft drink bottle with water and lie it down in the garden. It looks awful but apparently dogs avoid it like the plague!

I sent this info to my parents and they used the water bottle trick and the dogs quit coming into their garden? Go figure! LOL

My day so far has been busy. I have a new baby raccoon, he arrived yesterday. He has a broken leg, fell out of a tree and mom can't be found. So I am doing feedings and the new kittens are enthralled with all the chirps and clicks this tiny boy makes!

The horses have been fed and watered, the cats are all taken care of and I have even managed to put in some kong time with kenai. She loves to play fetch. I enrolled her in an agility class, it starts in August, and am excited, because she is such an athelete. I am now waiting for a potential client to come pick up a knife, someone else is coming out to look at the kittens, and I am waiting for the cable guy to come fix a glitch in our box. So I am pretty much homebound right now. But I do need more coffee.....so off I go. Wishing all a good day and a lot of kitty kisses.

Oh and Anne, on the soda pop full of water trick, be sure and take off all packaging first...
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Why on earth would they avoid a plastic bottle filled with water? I'll give it a try, though it does sound very strange...
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Ahh... Hissy you are amazing. Those are some great tips.
Anne: I have been thinking of you and your family also. Be safe! :angel2:

I put my new kitten, Molly, in the bathroom yesterday when I went to work. I got home last night to see that Lily had ripped up my carpet. Completely up. What to do now So, I left Molly out today. My fingers are crossed that nothing horrible happens. I am pretty nervous I just really want them to get along. It is probably too soon.

The weather is in the low 60's and rainy here in Portland. What is up with that? :confused3 It's the middle of July for goodness sakes. I am ready for sunshine!! :flower: :flower: :flower: :flower::flower: :flower:

Hope everyone has a great day
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Anne - I loved your post! It made me really laugh. I have a black lab who shows her affection by jumping all over me and drooling. It's pretty darned gross. I love that dog, but jeez, could she please just stop that. Muffy, on the other hand, rubs her face on my feet when she's loving me. Much nicer, I think.
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Why is it that when there's no toilet around, you REALLY HAVE to go pee? Right now there are no toilets in this house. We are having the bathroom foors tiled. We had our (Christine's and my) tile laid yesterday, and we had to tiptoe into the parent's bedroom all night to use theirs. Today our bathroom was supposed to be grouted, but the tile guys were late (way late, they showed up at 2PM) and they decided to start on the second bathroom and grout ours at the same time. So, NO TOILETS! Of course we were asked if we needed to go before they removed the second toilet, and of course at the time none of us had to. But as soon as that toilet was out the door...SQUIRM! Now my sister and i both have to go, badly. We are even discussing going and sitting in the pool :laughing2

As I was typing this, they installed our brand new power-flush toilet. Woo hoo! But there's still no door on our bathroom....What's a girl to do?
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