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Has Anyone Had Any Long-Term Side Effects From LASIK?

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I had LASIK done 3 years ago this December. I was legally blind before the surgery. I couldn't see much of anything other than a blur - lots of big blur. I even had to feel my way through the house when I wasn't wearing my contacts. I had to have the surgery because I was beginning to have problems wearing contacts and couldn't wear glasses. The man that did my surgery said that I was his worst-sighted patient that he had ever had. I don't have to use contacts or glasses anymore and I am really enjoying it.

But I am now beginning to worry about possible long-term side effects that may occur. I know that they don't know if there are any or not because the procedure is still new. But has anyone else had any side effects? I now have night vision problems. There are halos around lights and I see ghostly images. My eyes stay pretty dry and are sensitive to light. Although, if I had to go back and do it all over again I would do it in a heartbeat. Definitely. I love being able to see everything. I just can't get rid of these fears about what the future holds for my eyes. I've been through so much with my eyes already.

Does anyone else have any experiences with it? Anything anyone could tell me will be appreciated. Thanks.
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I have considered Lasik surgery for years now, but have been concerned because of the growing number of people reporting problems with night vision. My vision is pretty lousy, but I'll stick with my contacts for now.
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I had LASIK, two years ago. If I am very tired, I have a little trouble with glare, at night. Yellow-tinted, night-driving glasses help and an optician can put an anti-glare coating on them. That's what my ophthamologist recommended.

In addition, see your ophthamologist. There are some new procedures and they can "fine-tune" your vision. As for the dryness, artificial tears do the trick. I keep a bottle in my backpack because staring at a computer screen all day gets to my eyes.

All in all, I am VERY happy with the LASIK. From ages 9 to 43, I was nonfunctional, without glasses. Now, a pair of low-power reading glasses are all that I need and I get to wear really cool sunglasses!
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I didn't have lasik but I did go for a consultation. I remember them talking about halos. From what I understand, halos with night driving/lights is a normal thing with lasik surgery. katl8e has an excellent suggestion!
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I am 3 years post-LASIK, and everything is a-ok with me. I have had to wear low-power reading glasses since the procedure for some reading tasks, but it has been that way since the procedure and was getting to be that way before I had it. They told me that the reading glasses would probably be needed, and it was an excellent trade-off for me. I would also recommend a pair of good sunglasses. I have worn them for years.
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I haven't had Lasik, but I have been wanting to get it, as soon as I can afford it. I see halos with my contacts, at night, so if that's all I would have to go thru, then I wouldn't hesitate. I'd probably go for one eye at a time, though. Just in case there were any complications.
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I went into bifocals, five months before the surgery. If I had opted to have one eye under-corrected, I wouldn't need the reading glasses. As it is, I have a couple of pairs of cute ones (purple of course) and a neat kitty-shaped pin to hang them on.

The "haloing" effect was more common, with the old radial keratotomy surgery. LASIK and the new LASEK procedure, minimize that.

For me, only certain colors of lights cause a glare problem and only when I'm very tired. When I worked swing shifts, driving home was uncomfortable, sometimes: blue and yellow lights gave me trouble but the night-driving glasses did the trick. I keep them in the car, full-time.
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