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Originally posted by kimward34
Ryan!!! Love the Meow Tracks!!! ...I have this image of you in my mind following these cats around with a microphone (like a talk show host ) each cat cooperating, mewing on command -- LMAO!!

Originally posted by greycat2
They are all so cute. Silver kind of sounds like Kuce but a little louder.

kimward34 - Sounds like a good idea. One can hear it now...."This is Meow Talks live. With your hosts Onyx and SIlver...." *grins*
LOL! It's funny when I imagine it that way. Actually, I just try to get the meows when they are doing the things that kitties do, like ask for attention and food or whatever. Of course, onyx went straight for the strap on the recorder because he thought it was a toy. I really do wish we could have a meow and purr gallery. I could turn them into MP3's which would make them infinitely smaller than they already are. If any of you ever do record your kitties on your computer, it's likely that I can clean them up and amplify them with good results.