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Overweight Kitten

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I didn't know kittens could be so overweight! Simon is 6 months old, DOB 5/3/13... at his 4 month check up at the vet, he was nearly 6lbs. We asked the vet about it, she didn't seem to concerned yet, and felt he was going to be a big cat.


He already has the saggy belly that swings when he be fair though, he had the "pouch" when we got him at 11 weeks. It was more of an empty pouch then though. He's pretty active, and he eats Nutro Max Kitten. We initially free fed, but he's been eating two meals a day for at least 2 months now, and the weight gain continues. When we feed him, he acts like he is absolutely starving and hasn't eaten in days. He will eat anything he can get in his mouth- dog food, people food, anything he can find. He has to be locked in another room when we eat and feed the dog. He even steals bits of milk-bone as they fall out the dogs mouth. I've never had a cat that would eat ANYTHING like this. My last cat refused everything except like 3 kinds of dry cat food.  I'm quite certain he is fed less than the recommended amount on the package, though in my past experience, cats, especially kittens, were always free-fed. I thought a growing kitten needed it. Do we need to switch to a different food, or what? I'm not really interested in anything raw or canned... I prefer dry kibble. Is there weight control kitten kibble? Does he need kitten food still?


The picture taken in the window is about a month old, the others are more recently.





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Well, canned food is best for weight control :/. And may also help prevent urinary issues and kidney problems later in life. I do recommend that he get at least some wet food, even a little is better than nothing!

He does look a bit chubby. I wouldn't think a kitten that age could get fat but now that I think of it, my boy Scotty was quite chubby at that age too. I think he'll need to be on a measured, scheduled meal plan instead of free-fed (some cats do fine on free-feeding but others are piggies laughing02.gif). The amount listed on the bag is usually too much for indoor cats, so it takes a little trial-and-error to get the amount right for your individual cat, adjusting as needed as he grows and his metabolism changes.

I don't recommend a weight-control kibble---they're generally way too high in carbs. A measured amount of high-protein food is better for weight control.
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