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The kindness of people

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I know as cat lovers we are constantly being reminded of how horrible people can be - people abandon their animals, there are a lot of abuse cases etc. but I wanted to share something really nice that happened to me today.

There is a lady I work with who is very sympathetic to my love of animals (especially cats.) When I rescued a litter and their mother recently, she gave me a litter box, bought me a bag of litter and gave me a $25 gift certificate to Petsmart.

Today I found out that there will be a concert this coming Friday for a band I've loved for many years. Unfortunately, I work every Friday. She offered to work for me and, because she knew of my recent expense on Grady ($350 total for vet bills) and that I'd also lost he and his brother, she also gave me $20 to help pay for the concert.

I'm really at a loss - it was such a kind thing to do that I was nearly in tears. She is a reminder of how wonderful people can be.

I'd like to hear some of your stories about the kindness of people.
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You know, some people are really amazing. That was really nice of her to do that for you.
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The lady you work with sounds like a very wonderful person. We definately need more like her around!

I'm very lucky to have become close friends with my neighbor, Brian. He was actually involved in the rescue of my cat Ivo, and initially wanted to take her, but couldn't because he's extremely allergic to cats. I was a postdoc at the time, and my big concern was that I didn't have the financial resources to take care of her. He offered to pay for her initial vet bills, and he has made it clear if I ever couldn't afford to take care of Ivo's health, he'd pay for it. I've never had to take him up on his offer, but it means so much to me and that's one of the many reasons he's Ivo's "Uncle" Brian.
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How sweet!

About 10 years ago I was having a pretty tough time financially after being unable to work for a while because of a back and neck injury, when a stray cat came along & had kittens under my porch. My new boss (a cat lover too) at the job I had just started lent me the money to get the mama cat spayed, and let me have time off during the day to take her and the kittens to the vet. The company owner was pretty strict about time off, so she even made an excuse for me so I didn't have to. What made it even sweeter was that I didn't even ask - she offered it when I told her about the cats.
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MissAtoms-that is a very special friend you have, there.

I think one of the most amazing acts of human kindness ever bestowed upon me, was the time I decided to go from Los Angeles to New York City on the Amtrak, or actually, when I was returning home. I don't know if you've ever taken the Amtrak, but it's lots of fun. Anyway, the first leg of the trip you take a train for New York, to Chicago, and then switch trains to go from Chicago to New York.

In the Chicago train station I was pick pocketed, or pick pursed. I had no idea until I got on the train, heading for LA. Anyway, I was about to go to the dining car, and I noticed that my wallet was gone from my purse. I had NO money and no ID on me. I was crying and upset, because I knew it was going to a long trip without anything to eat. The people around me, started slipping me money, it was amazing. They were all strangers, yet, I was getting a $20 here, and a $20 there. I even told some of the people who were slipping me money that I had recieved some help, and they didn't need to do it, but they refused to take their money back. By the time I got back to Los Angeles, I had more money on me, than I had when I left New York, and I ate really well on that return trip. It was amazing, and I'll never forget it, even though I have no way to repay those wonderful people.
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Omg! These are great acts of kindness!

How wonderful! I'm crying with joy especially at yours Hope!

God Bless!
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This reminds me of what I heard just yesterday. A box of kittens had been abandoned by the freeway, if they left the box....well, BAD. A homeless man found them, went to the store and used his little precious money to feed them, and stand outside the store trying to find them homes. A woman took a kitten and insisted{after hearing the story}, of giving him all the money she had in her purse because she was so touched.
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That's another heart warming story!
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Awww...I love happy stories.
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Wow! Those stories really pulled on my heartstrings tonight. It's a great feeling to know that there are good people out in this world. It's sad that we don't hear about all the good things anymore.

That's so wonderful! Bless you & your friend!
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This one makes me cry. There was a neigborhood that had a dirty, skinny, scruffy stray cat. The kids threw rocks at it, the adults sprayed it with their hoses. Everyone in the neighborhood called him Smelly Cat and hated to see his ugly being. A new man moved into the neighborhood and saw the cat laying in the yard, scooped him up and took him inside. He looked very sick. None the less it purred and licked the mans face as it was cradled in his arms, and died there.
{I wish the man had moved to the neighborhood a very long time before this, the cat would of had a whole new life}. Do not know if it is a true story.....but you bet there are lots of this same story and very easily could be true all over America!}
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I'm touched by all of the stories I have read here today. Unfortunately I have none to share. I'm glad for all of you who didn't want the help but received it through the kindness of the people. Which I think is a very rare thing to hear of nowadays.
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i dont have a story, but it is really great to hear that some people care so much!

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