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Switching Food?

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Ok, I feel stupid having to ask this. I'm so used to my chinchillas! We're switching Ashton's food over from junk food, to Nutro. I think growing up, all of our cat we had just got switched. No gradually easing them into the new food. But I want to do everything RIGHT with Ashton. I've done pretty good so far, and would like to keep going that way. So, anyway, my question is: With a kitten, should I gradually change his food over to the Nutro? If so, how slowly should I switch it (with chins is takes about three weeks before they are fed only their new food). Or is it ok to just give him his new food straight out? *sigh* Told you I felt stupid. lol

Thanks again!
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Many many people switch foods gradually. But I will admit to not being like many many people. I have been know to just go directly to a new food. Just my opinion.
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I give them a test meal, if they eat it with no complaints I just go and switch them over. If your can turns its nose up maybe you might want to think about gradual.

I switched my cats over to a new food last year. One turned her nose up the other will eat whatever so I just switched them. The picky eater was hungry enough by the end of the first day to eat the new food and that was the end of it all.
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I just switched Velvet from Science Diet to Royal Canin. I did it gradually, slowing mixing in a little more Royal Canin in with the SD over a week. I didn't want to risk stomach upset with a sudden change. It went well, no problems.
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I would do a gradual switch over about 2wks just to play it safe. The first time I switched mine I did so too rapidly and had several cats with diahrea..not nice for me or for them.
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