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Need FIP Info...

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I've read that the cats exposed to the coronavirus (various strains) can later develop FIP, which is possibly the case with my 6-month old kitten. The thing is, I don't know that she was exposed to a coronavirus at the breeder's home (my kitten has not been exposed to any other cats but her brother, who comes from the same cattery). Is there any way to conclude that the breeder's cattery is the cause of this deadly illness? I do know that the breeder's cats did have Bordetella, including my kitten at one time. (I was given this information *after* my kitten came home.)

Is there any link between Bordetella and a coronavirus? Or is there any way to link a coronavirus as the cause of my kitten's (possibl) illness?

I keep praying the vet will call and say that surgery is needed, that it's not FIP. I've only had my baby for two, short months!!!

Thank you,

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Hey Jenk,

When I look at all your past postings you have really had a time of it lately. Although it is good to be fully armed with knowledge, there is no reason to worry yourself sick until you get the results from the vet.

As your vet said, the FIP fluid is usually quite thick and sometimes hard to draw out of the body cavity.

This disease is sadly found in catteries, shelters and multi-cat households, it isn't that common in wild colonies however.

In rare instances a corona virus can mutate in the kitten's system and cause FIP- but again that is rare, and the onset of it causes diarrhea in the kitten.

Here is a good FIP website. Just hang in there and let the vet guide you and the lab results come in-

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Thank you for the info.

The vet did say that, typically, abdominal fluid indicating FIP is rather thick. She also added, however, that acute FIP may not exhibit thick fluid right away.

The other main possibility is that our kitty ate something she should not have that caused a tear somewhere in her intestinal tract. (She is known for munching on small things--pet bird feathers, lint, etc.--that she finds; she was found with pieces of broken crockery in her mouth, presumably from the previous apartment occupier. This was weeks ago; I've no idea how long signs of a problem from ingested items take to show.)

My biggest concern, though, is that the kitty is sleeping nearly all day long. The vet still seems to think that FIP is stongly indicated. I don't know what to think; I have several days to worry yet, though.
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When cats don't feel good they sleep. Giving them a dark quiet place to sleep, they try to regenerate themselves and get better on their own. I know my cats will typically go upstairs to the cat room, which is fairly dark and into an open cat carrier. Then I follow and drape the carrier with a cloth and leave them be if I can. I know you are worried, but worrying yourself sick is not going to help your health or your kitten's health either. Just wait for the results, keep an eye out on the kitten and hope for the best.
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I pray that Savannah is tired solely from another issue.

I'd like to know something else (yes, in preparation for the worst possible news): If it is FIP, the vet said that Simon, at 14-mounts-old, is at great risk of getting it (or at least of being a carrier). Thus, she said we should not get another cat where we're currently living, as the disease can linger airborne for a long time. But would that not mean that we could never get another cat for as long as Simon lives??? And, then, wouldn't that mean that no matter where we live, as long as Simon's been there, we couldn't get another cat?

My husband is hiding his fear/ pain; but he slipped when he said to me: "If it's FIP, we're never getting another Ragdoll--or any purebred--cat again. In fact, I don't ever want another cat if this is what happens." I know it's pain talking; I know that men tend to think in drastic ways during times of grief (my father said the same things after each of our family dogs had to be put down--and my parents currently have a dog ).

Thank you, Hissy.
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