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If you have more than 1 cat...

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Can you tell the difference in the sounds of your cats meowing? My 3 have pretty different sounds to them so I can tell who is talking or yowling
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Absolutely. Their meows, and purrs, and trills are way different, and each of them have a huge vocabulary of sounds. Although I am sure that they are learning some sounds from each other, because they both have "new" words since I adopted Bailey. So they will use similar types of sounds for the same situation, like "I'm starving", but in their own distinctive voice, if that makes any sense.
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My kitties all have different meows. whiner just talks a lot, all the time! Rascal whines all the time too, and loves attention, and the other kitties don't really voice their opinions lots, unless they are really hungry and you go out the door without food, then you get little meows and big meows and quiet ones and loud ones.....everything! You even get a hiss or two in there from the other kitties that came along....lol
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oh most definitely, i can tell the difference between my two based on sound. Li has a very warm trilling chirp and i can tell what he wants based on the tone and inflection. the only time he doesn't trill is when he wants to be picked up or i have to shut them in my bedroom when i'm at work...then he CRIES. Sakura has a very delicate feminine meow. she doesn't seem to have the Raggie chirp in her yet, but she's still young!!
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I can tell which one is talking here too.

Spaz has a deep long meow and Pandora has a squeeky high pitched
quick meow. Spaz has a quiet purr and Pandora has about
the loudest purr I've ever heard, you can hear her purring
in a different room. Spaz meows all the time and Pandora
hardly ever talks, only when she wants in a room I'm
in and the doors shut does she start up usually lol
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Most of the time I can't tell which of my boys is meowing. But when Legolas is all alone and by that I mean that Peter accidentally locked Aragorn in the closet or bathroom.

Legolas will let out a Yowl like I've never heard before. He's definately telling us to let his brother out of the closet or bathroom.
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I would not claim to be able to tell all 14 by voice without a mistake, but a few are easy to distinguish and most are possible to distinguish.
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most defintley. Suma talk all the time, you can hear her little meow anywhere. Matty does more of a quite chirp , almost a little more than a gasp, I can even tell the purrs apart. Matty purrs like a big block chevy, Suma has to be next to you to hear it.
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Yup!!! Of course!
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oh yea, my 2 are very different, stripey is loud and blackie is more quite, but they both can get your attention when they want they are from the same litter, well they were the litter only 2 babies but they are so different not just their meow, that is so strange to me, they are just like people i think
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99% of the time, yes. Sometimes Sylvestra & Mr. can sound similar (they're siblings), but I can almost always tell the difference. They each have their own distinct personality and voice.
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Originally posted by MamaKat
Can you tell the difference in the sounds of your cats meowing? My 3 have pretty different sounds to them so I can tell who is talking or yowling
You bet I can and I'm even able to make the specific meows back of at least 3 of them The *only* sound I can not differentiate as to which cat is making it is retching <G>.
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To 99 % I can tell who does the meowing . It is funny how each cat is differend
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Oh yeah. Tailer, although she is female, has a lower voice that Toes and a little harsher sounding (when she's bitching you out you KNOW IT!). Toes has a very lyrical voice, but hardly ever uses it.

The weird part, though, is when they're trying to imitate one another. I caught it happening once and it freaked me out.
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Yep! I can tell the difference. I've never heard Carmella meow. She only hisses. Henrietta has a kitten mew (and it's quick like that). And Peaches has a regular meow. It's softer then most cats but a little louder then Henrietta's.
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Each one has a different Meeow sound. It's easy to tell which one is talking without even seeing him.
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Most of the time, yes. Their meows are distinctive. When it is a yowl, it's a lot harder to tell. Their purrs are different, too. Some purr softly, some like a buzz saw
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This is such a cute thread to read. My sister's adult cat Jess doesn't meow much, but it always makes me melt. Her kitten Onyx definitely has different meows. I really wish I could hear all your kitties though.
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Oh yeah Oscar and the Sammycat have very different voices. Sammycat is a much louder sound than Oscar, especially when it is feeding time
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Oh yeah...most definitely, my 3 are very different. Faline has a wide range of vocals, she tends to be the "most talkative" of the 3. She has a great dramatic "MMEEEEEEEOOOWWWWWWWWW" when she wants us to pay attention and she wants something and her meow will sound like a long cry when she is going to the vets. She has no problem letting us know she wants attention, and then she'll come up to us and coo and purr to us when she wants to socialize with us and have us pet her. Simba's voice tends to be very high pitched, a lot higher sound than Faline's, except when he's going to the vet's in his pet cage, then it's a high pitched wail.
Then Nala won't hardly meow at all, cause she lets Faline do most of the talking, but when she meows, it is soft and dainty and so darling.
I can definitely tell "who's who"
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Beau has a louder meow than Felicia. Felicia's purr is louder than Beau's.
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No question about it. They each have their own way of communicating to me.Isn't that just wonderful?
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yup, definitely ! I've even got one that sounds more like a sheep bleating than a meow! Kinda goes "meaaa"
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Yeah,I can tell the difference between my 8 inside kitties. Some of them are very vocal,but a few of them hardly ever want to "talk",but when they do,I know which one it is also.
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I can tell the difference between my two cats. Sphinx is quiet unless he sees a bird and its a loud chirp/meow and Kuce has a soft meow and it can sound like a lamb....
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Originally posted by MamaKat
Can you tell the difference in the sounds of your cats meowing? My 3 have pretty different sounds to them so I can tell who is talking or yowling
Oh yeah - I can tell each of my 4 boys "meows" apart in the dark... it's so cute how different they are.

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from another room I can tell who's meowing and figure out pretty much what they are meowing about, scary isn't it? I have WAY to much free time! LMBO!
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The only one I have really heard is Mittens. When she first came, I would hear this very loug yowling. I don't know if she was call Chewy or if she wanted to know if anyone else was in the house. She doesn't do it anymore. Neither one is very vocal. I have to be looking at chewy to even know he said anything. They both have a hi pitched cry when going to the vet in the carrier.
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My cats meows SILENTLY! Nooo.. I'm deaf so I can't hear them meowing.

As far as I know, Zebra and Pepper are the only ones who meows. Pepper meows a lot when I'm serving her wet catfood and seems to be meowing LOUDLY cuz her jaws open real big.

Zebra rarely meows but when she does, she looks soooo cute. When she meows, I ALWAYS stop whatever I'm doing and give her a good scritch and cuddle!

I have never seen Buddy or Spike meow so I don't think they have meowed since I've had them.. I've seen them hiss at outside cats...

I'd ask a hearing friend to come over and listen to tell me if they meow loudly or what their meows sound like but whenever I have friends over, Pepper and Zebra tend to hide (VERY SHY gals!) therefore my hearing friends won't be able to "listen" for me.
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Without a doubt. Squirt has several very distinctive meows, and Joey hardly has a voice at all. It's really a no brainer around my house.
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