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Just a question??

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Hi everyone,
I actually do not have a problem but I do have a question - do your cat drool when being petted????
My Eric does it a lot and he looks so funny with a little drop of saliva hanging from his mouth and purring at the top of his voice :LOL:
I've read that kittens that have been separated from their mothers at an early age tend to do it. Does anyone know if it's true???
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my 2 girls don't drool when petted. I got them from a shelter when they where 3 1/2 months old. I don't know how old they were when they were seperated from their mother. they were brought in as strays.

this was no help what so ever to you
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Alex drools too. He does it mostly when he sits on my chest at night to get his head scratched. Purr Purr Drip. Purr Purr Drip.

He was seperated from his mom when he was about 6 weeks old.
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My Ollie drools when petted and he still lives with his mother...so much for the early separation hypothesis!
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DeDe drools when she is petted. She does it so bad sometimes she leaves a wet spot on my shirt.
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Any shirt at night without a wet spot must still be in the hamper - all mine drool when petted!
alexnell - I loved your analogy! made me giggle and drool...giggle and drool.....giggle and drool!
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Oh you did made me laugh!!!!! :LOL:
So this is not uncommon then. But I think it's very funny
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I have a mother and son who both drool. (Mom was a feral/stray (she isn't real friendly) and we rescued the kittens and then had her sterilized and kept her inside). So it might run in families. Neither drool just a little bit either - puddles!

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My Abyssinian drools but only at night when he comes up on my chest for a long dose of loving! He will purrrrr and purrrr and then about ten minutes or so, I feel drops of cat drool on my chest! it is ok though, cause I'd never for once give up the nightly ritual of him on my chest and being such a loving kitty. Being an Abyssinian, he is to hyper any other time to sit in one place and isn't the type to be held until he is good and ready to be!
I also have a female who drools too, she also drools at night between the both of us because she is an attention hog and when she gets her way, then she drools puddles and purrrrrssss so loud that you can't sleep! LOL!
I also have to two who don't drool and I love them just as much as the other two!!!!!
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My abys drool especially when my females are in heat. I do have one male that drools especially at shows. Gotta love them.

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How many abbys do you have? do You show them all? Are you a breeder?
Sorry for all the questions, but I LOVE abbys and I am curious about so much of their kind and the things they do.
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I absolutely love Abyssinians too! My Eric sometimes looks just like one although he's just a humble moggie
I don't know if anyone breeds them in Bulgaria though..
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One of my felines, or should I say one of my owners , looks just like an Aby too. Vet thinks she is a throw back, 'cuz she is a "mutt". But she isn't hyper or talkative. She has funny / beautyful multi-colored furr. She's daddy's baby too (though she pretends not to like him sometimes, silly cat).

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Eric is super hyper and he's so talkative - he meows all the time
Well some of his great grand parents might have been an Abyssinia who knows
He looks like a Mau actually but is just a stray cat that has found his perfect home and his loving mommy
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WOW! so many abby people! I have never met so many in one place!
I think that the abby is one of the neatest cats I have ever seen (and owned). But don't tell my other babies that! LOL!
I love them very much too!!!! but they aren't as intruguing as my Rocket!!!!!
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