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Megacolon - post-clean out "drips"

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My cat Wags was diagnosed with megacolon last year at age 11.  He did quite well on just Miralax until recently.  He ended up going to the vet for his first "clean out".  He came home last Sunday on Llactulose, Cisapride, and an antibiotic in addition to the Miralax.  (He finished the lactulose and will be done with the antibiotic in 2 days.  The cisapride was prescribed for 30 days.)  Since he came home he has been dripping poop.  There have been some semi-solid pieces, but mostly it's liquid.  I've had to keep him in my bedroom with plastic and old sheets on everything.  He's also had to suffer through several baths.  Is this normal?  Can I expect it to stop at some point?  Do I need to consider getting him some diapers or stud pants?


Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Hi There.usually with the introduction of cisapride the amount of miralax needs to be tweeked back slightly.Also I don't understand the Lactulose as it is an osmotic,and so is Miralax.Both of these help pull water into the stool.Most people are using  just one.But different vets have different ideas. I know my late Maxwell hated lactulose which is sugar derived from milk.Orange flavored.Once I went with the miralax cisapride combo no worries.What was the antibiotic for? What is the name of it?LMK  Hugs to your Baby

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