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Aragorn & The Shower

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Well he did it to me again, Aragorn pushed open the sliding glass doors to my shower. I was almost finished and just rinsing off when I noticed I wasn't alone in the shower. Aragorn had jumped in and was absolutely drenched, I couldn't let him out so I called to Peter (my husband) and asked him to bring me the Kitten Shampoo & Conditioner.

There I was stark naked with a drenched kitten. I thought for sure that I would be scratched to death when I started to give him a bath. He just sat there right where the water was coming down from the shower head and moving his little head this way and that just to get wet. He looked so content and happy.

I started to shampoo him and lo and behold he didn't do a thing but just sit and enjoy it. I couldn't believe my eyes and Peter couldn't believe that Aragorn wasn't clawing me to death.

Because he was so far down in the tub I had to pick him up in my arms and rinse him off. He just cuddled up into my arms and chest and thoroughly enjoyed his shower. Then after I finished with the shampoo I did the Conditioner, well again the same thing happened. After I finished bathing him completely I handed him to Peter who had his towels ready and placed him ever so gently in Peters' arms.

I watched something on tv once where the mother and baby were in the shower together and the baby was cuddled up with the mother. That's the exact feeling and the exact way that Aragorn acted, I just still can't believe it. I've never heard of a kitten so content and happy to be actually wet!

After he was dried off and I was totally out of the shower and dressed, I was in the kitchen running the water and lo and behold Aragorn came running like their was no tomorrow! I thought that maybe the whole shower experience would have turned him off of his liking of water but it seems not to have phased him at all!
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Awwwww! I wish my boys would do that. Poor ole Oscar fell into the bathtub once when he was trying to swat my toes and I think it was a good ten minutes before I stopped bleeding
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Amazing I've never heard of a cat doing this ever...
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that is one special kitty you have there! you will have to fill the tub with water and let him play in his very own pool...with some toys too!
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omg That is seriously insane.

What kind of shampoo are you using btw? I thought human shampoo was not good for cats
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Originally posted by Sicycat
omg That is seriously insane.

What kind of shampoo are you using btw? I thought human shampoo was not good for cats
Sicy, I specifically said that I asked Peter to bring me the Cat Shampoo & Conditioner!

I only use Nature's Choice on my furbabies!
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OH my bad
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Hi sky!

Shorty likes to visit you in the bathroom too! Sometimes, moreso in the winter, she'll sleep in there b/c the mat is really warm and fuzzy and it's right in front of the register so when you go to the bathroom, she gets up, sits on the back of the toilet and waits for you to turn the water on in the sink. Then she likes to sit there and watch the water in the toilet go out...sometimes she'll just sit there and watch you go!! She sometimes gets in the bathroom too when she knows you're going to go for a shower. Then she'll sit there on the edge of the tub and watch the water go down the drain. She jumped in one day, and kind of scared herself with the water coming down, but she likes it

Have fun in the shower now!!!
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Wow. Em jumped in the shower with me a few times. Once I grabbed him and shampooed him (I keep the kitty shampoo in the shower just in case)

He falls in the bath tub sometimes when I'm in there. Usually while I'm in the tub he sits on the edge and his paw or tail sit in the water.

But I can't just give him a bath. He totally freaks!!!

I like your little story of his cuddling when you rinsed him off.
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Originally posted by Creepyowl
I like your little story of his cuddling when you rinsed him off.
Thanks Creepyowl, it was exactly how I described it and it really touched my heart so much as I don't have any bi-peds of my own. I'm beginning to believe that I'm truly blessed to get Aragorn.

I'm now wondering if this is going to be a ritual with him. I can't bathe him every time I have a shower or a bath, his skin would get irritated. I'm just wondering what to do for the next time?
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When Toes was a kitten he used to deliberately get into the bathtub with me and just curl up in the water with me and purrrrrrrrrr! He's scared of water now, but it was so cute when he was barely bigger than my hand.
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Aww... April Little Aragorn was just being an inqusitive kitty
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Awww!!! Sky, you're making me jealous!!!!! They know their little snowangel will take care of them. I guess if he gets in there again, just let him enjoy the water falling on him w/o bathing him till he's due again for another washing. That is soooo freaking cute. My JB wouldn't do that, that would be by accident with claws and teeth sticking out LOL!

Blondie!!! sorry to hear about your bleeding moment in the tub! Yikes!
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My persians love water!

April- This story is oh so sweet though!

Once I had just had a bath and I forgot to shut the door and went downstairs and as I was walking up the stairs I heard the most horrible sound of my life, I dropped whatever I was holding and ran there was my 12 week old kitten in this big deep bath I jumped in and rescued him and sat in the bath and cried! Since this cat was going to be a show cat I thought uuuh oh this is going to put him off water but he grew to like it better than anyt other cat I have ever had, amazing huh?

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Russell sits and watches people in the shower. It doesn't matter who. He'll sit there and watch. And if he's locked out of the bathroom, he will sit outside and talk to you. And after you're done, he'll go in the shower and walk around to check that everything is ok and walk out again.

Only once did he join me in the shower. I didn't notice at first until he patted my leg neowing to be let out. I was lucky he didn't scratch me to death. Poor baby was drenched.
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That is such a cute story! And so unusual for a cat to voluntarily just hop in the bath tub/shower!
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First I would just like to thank you all for saying that this is such a cute story.

Now I just thought that I would give everyone an update!

Well, guess who jumped into the shower again? No matter, this time I didn't bathe Aragorn I just let him play while I continued my shower. He showed up earlier this time as soon as he heard me start the water for the shower.

I also wanted to see if he would cuddle with me like he did the last time and sure enough he did. He just seems to be a natural water lover!

I was prepared this time though, I brough his plastic golf ball into the shower. I thought he looked so sweet playing with his ball while the shower was soaking him. I think he would make a great Water Polo Player! LOL He is such a character, he played and played and played.

I got out and left the shower running with him still there, when he finally realized that I wasn't in the shower but out of it, he wanted out as well. So, seeing as I was prepared I picked him up in his towel and towel dried him as much as he would allow. I think that's the only part of the shower he doesn't like is to get dried off!

So out of the bathroom he went and with each step he shook his hind legs! Legolas was waiting patiently for him and then helped to lick his brother dry!
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I am so jealous!!!My two fellas would probably scream like nobody's business when I bathe them.... my neighours probably think that I'm killing my two cats
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Reading this makes me wonder about my kitties. They are well behaved during baths (no fighting or scratchin,etc.) but they meow all the time. Is that their version of 'singing' in the shower??
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