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Saturday DT

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So what's everyone up to today?

I have to finish making my nephew's Halloween costume - it is his birthday present, and the party's tomorrow. Then I have to make one for my niece, but I have until Halloween to finish that one.

Our unseasonably warm weather is supposed to end today, so should be a cooler autumn day here. I love the cool weather - I'm going to make sure to get out for a long walk with the dogs today. I also have to do some grocery shopping and a few other errands. Hopefully will make it to the library for some new reading material.
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Its raining in my neck of the woods, so its going to be a "nothing" day.
Plan to try and finish Mystic River today, I started it yesterday and its not half bad.

Have a great day youse!
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I haven't posted to DT in forever!

I took my daughter to gymnastics this morning, and now I'm on my way to my older son's soccer game. I hit a yardsale too, and got a really cute piece of furniture for my daughters room! Its a cabinet w/ shelving that mounts to the wall. And it has little heart cut outs on the sides. Really adorable and for only 10 bucks!

We are renovating one of our bedrooms this weekend, so once I get home later its straight into my painting clothes. Ick. I hate doing projects like this, but once I see the end results I'm always so excited.

Hope everyone has a Super Saturday!
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Ohhh I love yard sales. Now that is something to suggest to hubby that we do
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I like yard sales, but my husband doesn't, so I only usually go a couple of time a year with my mom or sisters...

I like planning household projects, I like shopping for household projects, and I like enjoying the results of household projects. Actually doing them is a different story. Generally about 1/2 way through, arm aching from painting, house a disaster, I lose the excitement. But it's always worth it in the long run.

My husband and I did a lot of remodeling ourselves in our old house, and I'm finding it is more fun when I learned how to do more than just 'hold this' or 'paint that,' which were my usual jobs. I laid a good portion of the kitchen floor myself, as well as cutting and installing the trimwork throughout the house.
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Yay - I just got done with the dragon costume! I didn't take nearly as long to finish as I thought it would, so now I have a bunch of extra time!
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It's a beautiful day up here in my part of Northern Ontario the temp. is 72 F. I'm surrounded by a forest of Golden leaves, it's gorgeous. I've taken Cisco (my dog) for a walk through our forest and it was breathtaking. He had a great time looking for and chasing chipmunks and squirrels.

The Ontarian "tourists" are up this weekend making loud noises. They are up for 1 last time so they can have their Thanksgiving meals and then close up their cottages until next year. I'll be so glad when they leave and we have peace and quiet once again!

Other than that, it's just a great day to be outside doing what ever I want!
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I had to work, until 3:00. Its 4:00 now and 88 degrees. Bill won't tell me what he bought, for dinner and I'm too lazy to go search through the refrigerator. As long as it isn't liver or lamb, he's safe.
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OMG! Where do I even begin? Today was Move Day for me & it sucks! First of all, last night I stayed out way too long & drank too much. Then early this morning, I got up & loaded the truck down with my stuff. On the way, the truck got a flat tire! That killed a good hour because Dad bought 2 new tires during that time. Once we got that problem fixed, off we went! Then...I got us lost once we got into town. We had to take a different way because of construction & I got turned around! After we finally found the place & ticking off my folks, we checked out the apartment. Bad news there...the contractors who painted it did a CRAPPY job! They didn't paint around the trim or switches...and it's 2 completely different colors! I was pissed & so they'll be back on Monday to finish that project. And during that time, they'll be putting up my new wallpaper in my bathroom. I loved the wallpaper in the kitchen! It's ivy & grape vines...just my style! I did get brand new carpet that was installed yesterday too. So once my painting is finished, I'll be happy. The next few days, I'll be a busy bee. I've got a dresser, night stand, kitchen table & chairs, plus my coffee table & endtables to put together! I hate building things like that...but I don't have much choice with this stuff. Other than all of that excitement, the day was good & I'm ready for bed!
Hope everyones day was great!!
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Went around town and took pictures for marketing brochures for my company, and did a bit of shopping in the areas we were at anyway. I stocked up on floss for some Christmas stitching projects. Well, I hope they end up being Christmas projects, otherwise they may turn into birthday projects. So now I need to get those started and organized and hopefully I can make some progress tonight.

The NASCAR race just started and the Cubs play in an hour (I don't like baseball, but Earl is from the Chicago area. Since the Cubs only do this well every 100 years or so, I'll humor him this time. ). The remote control will be in heavy use tonight. We've got ribs in the crock pot that have been cooking for about 12 hours total, so those should be really yummy tonight during a sports night.
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Woke up a tad early son's doing LOL! Watched some cook shows on PBS, then the UT game versus OU, which we have yet to win in like FOREVER!! We were completely pummelled!!! Yikes!!! So no lit tower today. About to clean son's poopy diaper.

Sorry about your ordeal Shell, that sucks big time!

Skykitty!!!! snowangel taking a walk in field of gold! can't wait for pics
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It rained here all day so i did 4 loads of clothes
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