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Timid rescued cat

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Ten days ago we gave a home to a 2yr old female tabby. She was sent to a sanctuary from a garage, so was almost feral.She hides under a kitchen unit only coming out at night to feed and use the litter tray. How do we get to know and love her?
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Taming a 2 years old feral can be a daunting task, especially if you don't have a lot of experience with cats.

The key here is not to scare her away. Try sitting on the floor next to her (one person at a time) and putting out something really tasty on her side. Just make her come out and take it while you're there. Put it next to her hiding place and not close to you. When she does go out, don't look her directly in the eyes and don't make suddem movements or noises.
Repeat this for several days and if she seems more relaxed try moving the treat very gradually closer to where you sit.
This can be a very long process. Eventually she will get out in your presence and get close to you. It can take weeks and even months before she trusts you enough to let you pet her and she may never let you pick her up.

All of this is if she is a feral. She could be just a very scared stray, in which the whole thing can be much easier and shorter and she may turn out to be a real lap cat.

Try finding out if she was socialized and used to people before she was brought into the shelter.

Best of luck to you and let us know how she's doing.
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Two good things to help are baby food talking soft. If you just sit and talk to her in a calm tone every day it helps. Then when she comes out to see a little more, have some baby food on a spoon for her. Let her know you are not going to hurt her, but help her. It will take some time, but I usually find these cats are the most rewarding when they come out of their shells. Good luck!!
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While you're talking softly to the cat (I actually whisper), look her in the eye and SLOWLY blink your eyes. This will let her know that you mean no harm. Reassure her that it is okay and you will not hurt her. If she blinks slowly back at you, that is a sign that she is becoming more relaxed. Also, when you sit on the floor, let her come to you.

Another thing that I try when socializing a feral (especially kittens) is to wrap them up in a towel with only their faces exposed. Sit on the floor with them in your arms, whispering and slowly blinking your eyes. Pet them on the nose or the top of the head.

I hope this helps.
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Hi there MoodySimon,

Any progress so far?
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