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That one was close...

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I've had a bit of a scare last evening. There was a terror attack in a train station right where I live - one woman was killed and four were badly injured That's our train station - where hubby goes through every morning and evening. It's five minutes away from us (by car) and we kept hearing the ambulances sirens all evening.

I don't usually get upset by these things, but this time I did. Maybe it's the pregnancy or I don't know what, but I was in tears. Luckily hubby was sitting next to me when we heard the news. I don't know what I'd have done had he been on his way back from work... All I could do was hug him and cry.
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I am sorry to hear about that..... THank goodness you or your husband were at home and were unhurt; that is the most important thing! That would upset me, too, pregnant or not pregnant.
Is there another train he can take?
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Anne, I'm sorry to hear this. Its just plain ludicrous and sad to see so much heartless violence in the world. It's not only there, but in theses "civilized" Unitd States too. It's rediculous! You have to be careful no matter what.

I hope that you are safe and will continue to be safe. You have Angel Kitties looking out for you anyway!
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I thought about you when I heard the news yesterday on the radio. Thank God you and your husband are okay.
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Oh Anne, thanks God you and hubby are OK!!!
Violence always makes me cry and especially if it is directed towards innocent people.
It must have been a great shock for you dearest but angels must be watching out for you too.
I love you and hope this will never happen again.
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Anne - I'm so glad you and your husband are ok. It's really scarey to think of stuff like this. I was pretty freaked out last week because some idiot was putting pipe bombs in public place in our neighborhood. So much for the safety of Suburban USA. They haven't even caught the jerk yet.

Anyway, I sure am glad you're safe.
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I don't even know what to say. I've never had any experiences that frightening. I can't even begin to imagine the feelings of helplessness and fear. All I can do is let you know that you and your family are in my thoughts & prayers every single day, and be so thankful that you all are okay.
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Thank you all for your kind words. They buried the dead today. There were two fatalaties (one of the injured had died soon after). A boy and a girl aged less than 20

That's the only train station we have nearby, so we'll continue to use it. It doesn't really matter - shopping malls and other places where there are lots of people are the usualy targets. Sometimes, when things are bad and there are lots of terror attacks, people tend to stay at home and avoid crowded places. I'm against that. I belive that life should go on in spite of terrorism. That's why I was surprised at my own reaction last night. I try to remember that a lot more people are killed in car accidents than in terror attacks and that doesn't stop us from driving. Somehow, the thought that there are people out there who want to hurt you is scarier.

Sorry about the whining. I try not to bring these kind of troubles here. I guess I just needed to share yesterday's tears.
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Anne,no apologies necessary here...

It makes me sick to hear about these kind of things...and because retaliation will follow and on and on...sigh.

I'm very glad that you and your family are safe and will surely be praying for you all.
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No appology... go ahead and shed the tears (hands a tissue to Anne). I take it that it was the Pallestinians who did the attack? I read it in the news, and can't remember. I wish the whole thing in the Middle East would end peacefully! It has been going on for so long now...... it is time that everyone shake hands or reach a peaceful agreement! Too many people are dying for stupid reasons (ok, I know religion and land are not) but it is getting ridiculous. Practically every day you hear in the US newspapers about the terrorist attacks and the suicide bombers.

Anyways, Anne, sorry to go on! It is most important that you, your husband and your baby are safe and did not get hurt. And I agree..... life cannot go on hold because of that!!
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Anne, that's really scary. I can understand why you got so upset. I hope things stay safe for you over there.
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I am always concerned about violence in Israel. I never knew anyone other than famous people who lived there. It would be so scary because you never know when a suicide bomber might be in your area. I wish things would quiet down and they could have a peace settlement that would last. My prayers are with you.
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My prayers are with you and your family.
I went on a tour in Israel in 1986. Its a wonderful country. So much history. Its sad that things like this have been going on so long.
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Everyday, whether the news out of The Middle East is good or bad; I pray for you and your family to be safe. As others have pointed out; no place is 100% safe or secure anymore. . . . .Hatred based in Ignorance is a powerful force that seems destined to tear us all apart. . . . . Healing based in knowledge, undertanding and love is the only true solution. May God bless the families of the lost ones as well as shower His blessings on those working for peaceful endings.
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Now this kind of thing...the the true obcenity in the world. To try to glorify it by adding God's name(whatever you choose to call Him)is all the more disgusting. I guess that's why I have such a big problem with the "Righteous" folks.

Anyways,I will continue to pray for the safety of Anne and all the other innocents..and that sanity returns to the others.
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I too am praying for you and your family Anne. Along with those that were effected and those that will be effected in the future. It is so sad when mankind kills his own blood out of rage and hatred.

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Kittyfoot; How right you are. It has always seemed to me to be such an oximoron to refer to what goes on in The Middle East as "A HOLY WAR" In my opinion; there never was, is, or will be such a thing as a "Holy War". . . .
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TLK....I SO agree with you!!! There is nothing at all about war that is HOLY!!! Why do they even call it that!!!!!!!
Anne....don't ever feel like you are "whining" here, as you said you felt you were doing.......we all LOVE you so VERY, VERY, VERY much!!!
I have never known someone who lived in Isreal, so all the fighting has always seemed like such a long ways it was in a different world, somehow....(guess I was just trying to pretend such horrible things didn't exist...although I KNEW they did...) But when I got to know and Love has brought it all home for me...and brought the horrible reality of it, into a clearer veiw.
I am so worried about you and your husband, and unborn child, and your there any way at all you could move here, to America??? And get away from all this fighting and cruelty?
I know you love your country, and well you should, but...please don't put your life in danger!!!!!!!!!!
I will pray even harder for you tonight, my dear Anne. Please keep us posted!!!
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Kittyfoot, You are so right about the so-called righteous. I don't see why God, however you refer to the supreme being, would put us on earth to kill each other.

Ever notice how religious extremists are in such a hurry to get rid of everyone who doesn't believe exactly as they do? If they are so right, they shouldn't have to obliterate the opposition.

Anne, I hope you and your family are safe. It makes me sad to think that we can be so advanced in some ways, and so barbaric in others.
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Debby - you're too sweet!

No, I don't think we will leave the country, defintely not because of terrorism. My grandparents went through so much to get here and to build this country. I am half Polish half Tunisian. From the Polish side of the family, many have been killed in the holocaust and the others were saved because they came here before WWII as Zionists to settle this land. There was nothing here at the time, just desert and swamps and they literally built the country with their hands.

From the Tunisian side, they were also avid Zionists and did all they could to get here. The British mandate in Palestine wouldn't let Jews into the country so they tried to come illegally in old crowded ships (like in Exodus). The British caught them and sent them to detention camps in Cyprus where they spent a year living in tents in what was basically a refugee camps. Only after the State of Israel was established did they come to Israel.

And it wasn't a nice welcome here either. From the day of its establishment the country was at war - perhaps the hardest war we had. 6000 men and women were killed (women fought along the men) - there were only 600,000 Jews living here at the time, so one in a hundred was killed at war. From then on they withstood the difficult life that was here, the food rationing and the other wars.

So, you see, we can't possibly leave now because of terror attacks. We went through so much as a country, this will not break us.

And just so as you don't worry too much - the chances of being hurt in a terror act are slim compared to the chance of being involved in a car accident, here or in the US. So, it's really not that dangerous.

Thank you everyone for caring and I totally agree about the war - it's stupid and sad.
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I've been wanting to tell you for a long time how much I really admire the way people of Israel have built their country out of the desert.
I admire your decision to stay there and think that the bond that exists between people of Israel and their country is really strong and might not be easily grasped by people.
Visiting Israel has always been one of my dreams so who knows - we might as well meet Anne - after all the distance is not so large!
Love you a lot!!!
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Thank you Billie! I'll be very happy to see you here!
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Anne...I am still praying for your are you doing????
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We're doing just great! Can't say the same for the area as a whole though Still lots of trouble in the territories. I just pray this wouldn't get worse. My greatest fear is a real war when everyone's drafted and lots of people get hurt. I can't imagine what it will be like if hubby is posted away from home in the frontline (as he would be)... That is one of my greatest fears!

Major war broke in Israel when I was 1 year old (the 1973 war). I remember the stories of how I was taken by my mom to visit my dad where he was posted. It was very difficult for my mom to be alone with her baby and worry all the time about my dad... War is a terrible terrible thing and I hope that we never have a major war again!

But so far, it's okay! I'll be going to Tel Aviv tomorow and I won't lie and tell you I'm not a bit scared... I will be travelling from the very station where the explosion was and I bet that will be a bit scary. Well, nothing much to do about it - life must go on!
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Anne, Please Be careful when going to Tel Aviv! I hope you make it safely there! Ok, not sure how that sounded?? You have such a positive attitude, and I must admit I admire you for that. I think that if I lived in a country where they were constantly fighthing I don't know if I would have such a good outlook. But, like you said: life goes on!

I didn't know you were part Polish!! I am, too (not sure how much.....My grandmother was 50% and her mother and father were both 100% (either that, or it was one of her parents)!!

On a brighter side , When do you find out if you are having a boy or a girl? And, what do you and your husband want?
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