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What a BRAT!

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I can't believe what Trent is doing! A bit of a preface....when I'm sitting in front of the computer, Trent likes to come up and sit behind me on the chair so I only have about 3 inches to balance on. But he is usually content if I at least keep one hand behind my back on him.

Tonight, however, he has decided that I shouldn't be on the computer anymore. He jumped up on the back of the chair, so I scooted up. He wedged himself between the back of the chair and me and PUSHED! When I turned to pet him, he jumped down. I thought it may have been a fluke, that he couldn't get in the position he wanted to be in, but then he did the same thing AGAIN! Only he pushed harder the second time.

So, I guess the kitty has spoken and I must bid you all good night. Trent wants me to go to bed.
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Good night Heidi.... Give Mr. Trent some scritches for me.
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Maybe Trent wants some computer time, too. Or he thinks your computer chair is the perfect bed, when you're not sitting there? Are we slaves to our cats, or what?
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LOL! Trent is so cute!

Na'Night Heidi!
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He has you well trained=
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awww, smart kitty knows what he wants!
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I guess we know who's the boss at Heidi's house.
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hehe what a purrsonality!
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lmao that is hilarious
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Look who's pushing his Mommy around!

WTG Trent!!!!!!!!
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We know who's REALLY the boss!
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OMG Heidi!!!! That is one spoiled cat! LOLOLOLOLOLOL

He really knows how to get his way doesnt he?
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Too funny! Maybe Trent just wanted you to go away so he could proofread our posts!

The other day I was here reading threads, and Snowball was sitting on my lap. I had to leave the computer for a few minutes, and when I came back I saw that Snowball had somehow managed to SHRINK TCS!!! The site was only about one inch wide and two inches high with a lot of white space around it! I still don't know what he did to the computer when that happened.

Cats Rule!!!
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LOL, Trent is a smart kitty. He get's what he wants, right
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That is so funny. Shane has been known to do much the same thing to me.
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ROTFL!! Heidi - Trent is such a smart little booger!!!
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I told Earl what everyone's reactions were here, and he just nodded his head and said "Yup, Trent does run this place!"
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