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Sick Kitten...

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Our 6-month-old kitten has lost her appetite (noticeable for 1.5 weeks) and has vomited on two different evenings that I know of. She's also been lethargic.

She went to the vet last night. She has a slight fever, has lost 1/4lb., and her x-rays show fluid in her abdomen. The vet also took blood (which proved fairly inconclusive and, now, our kitten needs to have fluid extracted from her tummy--ouch!--to be tested).

The vet mentioned FIP, as the symptoms fit; I freaked out. (This is a purebred kitten who has not been exposed to any other cats, other than our adult, who came from the same source.) So I spent most of last night in hysterics.

There is a good possibility, though, that she has intestinal damage from eating something "bad". (Weeks ago, we found her on several occasions munching on what looked like a tiny, broken piece of ceramic. We've still not located the source of where she could have gotten it.) We did not think that she ingested any of it, but, now, compared with the possibility of FIP, I pray that her problems are caused by a piece of ceramic. That way, she can be made better.

I'm holding on to hope, but it's so hard to wait for tests to be run, while knowing that my baby has fluid building up inside of her.

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bless your heart Jenk
The x ray did not show anything in the belly at all ??? How about a ultra sound ??? I really don't know .... gosh I am so sorry Jenk
I will say a prayer for your sweetie
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Well, that's just the thing... A co-worker whose cat once ate gift wrap ribbon had x-rays taken; nothing was visible until her cat had an ultrasound. Today, the vet will take fluid from the abdominal cavity to get a biopsy on it. If it does not point to FIP (and I'm praying it does not), then my guess is an ultrasound will be next.

Thank you for the prayers.
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Any news Jenk ???
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The biopsy results won't be in until at least Tuesday. The vet said the fluid drawn was yellish (not unusual for any extraneous fluid drawn) and not thick (which FIP can tend to have). She said, however, that we're not out of the woods yet, that it could still be FIP. *sigh* I'll be on pins and needles. I'm also hard-hit about spending $400 in three day's time (yes, for the kitten's healthcare).

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That is a lot of money . maybe you can talk to the vet with making payment arrangements now or later if needet .
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I will need to make a payment arrangement if this continues on (if it's not FIP and an ultrasound/ surgery is needed).
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lets hope not .
I will be praying for your sweetie
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No, you don't understand. I *hope* that surgery is needed, that it's *not* FIP. Fluid in the abdomen indicates some sort of problem--usually either fatal or surgical in nature. I'm hoping for the surgical route; I don't complain about paying out a lot for a surgery, but I just don't want to be expected to whip up a lot of money for it up front.
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I am sorry Jenk , I got you now .
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No need to be sorry at all, PurrfectCatlove.

One of my biggest fears (besides hearing the worst news I possibly could and knowing the grief that my husband, adult cat and I face) is that I will need to take a long hiatus from all cat-related forums. I fear that, for as much of a cat fanatic as I've become in such a short period of time, I would drastically swing the other way for a long while. That's not to say that I would despise cats. But thinking of them in any capacity--except with regards to caring for my adult "baby"--would just hurt too damn much.

Thank you again for all of your support. It means the world to me.
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Jenk , I had a cat and he was not even 2 years old . His name was Kikko a Oriental Shorthair cat . My husband baby and my baby . He passed away oh gosh maybe 5 month ago . Kikko had your cats symtoms and the vet failed to make all the test you are making with your little baby . I wish I had known this site then , then I would have known what to look for and what to do . I think Kikko would be still alive if I had known . I have learnt so much here on this site since I am here . Let me tell you also that I am still not over my grieve with Kikko and I know my husband isnt eather (sp) . I am still over him and blame myself for not doing enough for him . But this site has helped me so much , not so much with Kikko . But with so many story's here and that has helped me so much with going on with my grieve over Kikko . I don't know what I would do with out this site , I really don't . I need this site for me and my cats and my compation for them . ((((((HUGS))))))
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There is no cure for FIP. So even if you vet had suspected it (as it cannot be determined conclusively but can be strongly assumed based upon test results), your dear cat would have suffered the same fate. Do not beat yourself up over it. Grieve as you need to, but do not place guilt upon yourself; you don't deserve that, and I'm sure that Kikko would not want you feeling this way.
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