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ahhh... the beauty of fall!

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I'm not a big fan of fall, because with it comes the rain, the cold, and the knowlege that winter isn't too far behind. But around my neck of the woods, fall also brings gorgeous colours to the trees.


this tree at the end of our street consitently turns before any of the other trees. And when it turns, it turns a beautiful pink... *sigh* gorgeous!

and lastly, a few trees in my neighbour's yard (with our dog in the shot for extra beauty!)

this part of fall, I can VERY easily tolerate! (I have a sudden urge to skip work tomorrow and go for a walk in the woods!)
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I love fall! The leaves and the crisp feel in the air.... I hope we have a fall in Utah. Until today it's still been in the high 80's.
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great pictures , yeah fall always has beautiful colors
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thats great. I like fall too, especially the maples. I like your dog!!
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Fall is my favorite season
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I love the fall, too. Just in the past few days the trees have been changing colors...And tomorrow I'm going apple picking!
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Autumn is my favorite time of the year, even though we really don't get the beautiful trees.
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Lovely photos.
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I love autumn! The colors here in New England are infamously spectacular. Its gorgeous here!
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The blue ridge parkway is beautiful this time of the year - when the weather is nice, we will go and take photos - I only live about 5 mins away from the parkway!
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I like fall; I don't have AC and it is nice to have the weather cooler.
The leaves are pretty, but they didn't stay on the trees as long as past years. Oh well, I don't have to rake them.
One thing I do not like about fall is that spiders come in the house where it is warmer.
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