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Does you cat like strangers?

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Seems a lot of your cats carry stuff around so this is my next question.

My first cat hated strangers and avoided anyone who came in the house, unless he felt like suckering someone in for a good spitting match. But Alli loves everyone and runs to greet them, then plunks her butt in the middle of the activity looking for pats or a playmate. She's soooo laid back, I love it.
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My cat is pretty new to our home, but he seems pretty neutral to strangers. He'll come over to look at them, and let them pet him, but has kind of a "take 'em or leave 'em" attitude.

Except for my nephew - Simba LOVES him, and has from the first time he ever saw him. We took Simba in as a stray, and I wonder if my nephew reminds him of someone from his old life...
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I think your Alli and my Snowball have the same type of personality. When we have company Snowball acts like he thinks everyone's attention should be focused on him! LOL!
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Carmella doesn't like strangers. Peaches doesn't mind them and LOVES kids. Henrietta doesn't mind strangers too much.
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Meow meow is ok with strangers but boy boy would run for his little life if strangers comes along..
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Felicia does not like strangers and will run and hide when anyone comes to the door. I am the only person she usually sees.
Beau has been handled by more people and strangers don't bother him.
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Rowdy and Buddy come and check out company. Rowdy gets bored and leaves but Buddy is fascinated.

With Opie, it depends upon the mood that he's in. Most of the time, he holes up, in our bedroom but he sometimes condescends to allow people to scratch his ears.

Naturally, the dogs are all over anyone that we are friendly toward. Pearl thinks that everyone comes to play with her.
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nope when ppl come over Patches hides underneath
our bed
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this is what happens whenever company comes over. I guess as long as she feels safe...

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Hmm, I'm not really sure how Ivo feels about strangers. Dad visits about twice a year, but he and Ivo get along really well-they usually end up falling asleep on the couch together. She also took to my uncle, who only visited once on his way to a conference. But, when the city inspectors came around, she hid in the closet (I stayed home because I thought she would be frightened).
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My cats dont mind strangers. Zoey MUST go to the door whenever anyone comes over.. she smells them, lets them pet her and eventually head bonks their legs Saki seems a bit more apprehensive with strangers but neither of them run and hide or anything. superkitty and her husband came over last weekend and they were both just dolls with them! They just must know they're cat lovers
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Kjartan treats everybody the same, stranger or no (except me, because I feed him I guess), that is he purrs and flops and shows off for them. Idunn lets strangers touch her but doesn't like to be picked up by them.
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My cat Snoopy loves everyone, and to him, no one is a stranger. To him, everyone is a potential friend. He greats everyone, and actually loves to meet and get to know new people.

My cat Shane, hates ALL strangers and in fact he won't have ANYTHING to do with ANYONE but me. To Shane, everyone is a stranger, and he intends to keep them that way, even if they've been to my house several times.

It's a little early to tell with Simba, but he seems to be copying Shane, and that has me worried.
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Snoopy and Fred are a lot alike. Everybody that comes to the house comes to visit him, as far as he is concerned. He will jump right up in any lap and wait for the petting to start. He will give almost anybody kitty kisses. If some one comes over and Fred doesn't like them, they are not welcome back. Fred took an instant dislike to this guy that came with a friend of ours, even bit him. 3 weeks later I dragged this guy through my bathroom window by the hair. He broke in head first for some stupid reason. I made him stay on his hands and knees in the bathtub with my 12 gauge on the back or his neck until the police got there. I had heard him coming and was ready for him.
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BOTH of my kitties LOVE company... even give guests kisses!
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Originally posted by rfox
this is what happens whenever company comes over. I guess as long as she feels safe...

.... That is the exact same thing my half "kid" Tiger does!! She either hides under the covers of my roomies bed or under the bed when when someone knocks on our door or we have company over. Patches... likes to see who is the visitor. She rarely hides.
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Ophelia runs whenever the door opens, period. She runs from us until we say her name. Needless to say, strangers are kept as strangers.

With Trent it really depends on the person who comes over. When my friend Tony came to visit, Trent was out and getting pets first thing. Tony has 3 cats of his own and is obviously a BIG cat lover. When other people have come over he has been pretty scarce. So I think he can tell whether the person loves cats or not.
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Spike is not a fan of strangers. He slowly gets to know people... they have to visit repeatedly for him to come and sniff them for the most part. He's a skittish little guy.
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If you come over to my place, expect to get mauled by the "roo-meister" Especially if you're on 'his' couch.

Tigger will run but will come out in about an hour if the dog from upstairs hasn't scratched at our door for awhile.

Kanga...hmm, he follows Roo around alot, but isn't a cuddly kind of cat.
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I think my kittens are still too young to be able to say. I have noticed when we took them to a neighbours 2 miles away from us, they got the roam of the whole house and the neighbour loved it and so did they. So many new places to explore!

So I would guess that they both love strangers.
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Of my three cats Joji is the least friendly. She will not run away but if you try to pet her, she will scratch you.
Skinny, on the other hand, will welcome you and stick around you until you leave. Sometimes it is very hard to have a serious conversation with Skinny constantly butting in.
Finally, QT is tolerant of strangers. But if you are below 16 years old, she will hide under the furniture and won't come out until you are gone.
I guess it is because they had different lifestyles as kittens explains their different reaction to people.
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Sammycat doesn't like strangers. When my Niece came for Dad's last goodbye last week, as soon as she stepped in the door he hissed,growled and took off to the back of the house. He did come out a little later to vist with her and was a little more civilized Oscar is the ham and lap baby of the two. He just loves everyone
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If you're a person, Toes LOVES you. If you're a man, Toes REALLY loves you.

Tailer hates all people she doesn't know. She won't even try to get to know them (but then she was also abused as a kitten by a man with a belt--we just figured this out because of a reaction she had to my father, whom she normally adores, when he took off his belt).
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Mr. Underfoot and Felixia love everyone, except for really loud people. Mr. Underfoot views all people as opportunities to get more pets. Felixia adores men - she'll jump up on the back of the couch, walk over, and bonk their head with hers. Sylvestra is a little more shy, she has to get to know people first - Oreo is ok with people after they've been around for a little while, too.

Macumba (my tortie) was my 'alarm cat'. I could tell if anyone was coming near the door or windows b/c she would get an 'alarmed' look on her face & run under the bed. She only liked a few people, and even those only after she'd had lots of time to get to know them.

Racquel, your pics are too funny!
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I don't know how to classify Simon. He'll give everyone a chance but if there is something he doesn't like about the visitor he hides. If he decides he likes them he's all over them. We actually have to shut him in his room occasionally because he can be OVERLY friendly. My youngest daughter (13 mos) sees a physical therapist and Simon loves her to death. We can't get any therapy done for Simon deciding he needs the therapist to love on him. LOL.
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Lucy and Zoey love people. When someone comes to the door they run to see who it is. Then they have to greet them and get all of the attention. Iggy on the other hand runs and hides when she hears the door or a strangers voice, but she only likes mommy and daddy.
So when the doorbell rings at my house Zoey and lucy run to the door and Iggy runs and hides under the bed. Three cats running through the house is pretty funny!
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Rusty, Yum, Tiger, Babycakes- doesn't matter who you are as long as you pet them
Rurnt- depends on her mood
Hef-cat-lets put it this way NOBODY ever sees him but Charlie and me!
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Freedom Belle will greet, rub, and sit on anyones lap.Liberty Belle makes herself scare, when they leave she comes out of hiding, walks around sniffing everywhere the vistor was, just like a hound dog!
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