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immune system

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Hi there everyone
I'm new to this forum and hope you can help.
My mums cat has lost a lot of weight recently.
It has had blood tests that rule out aids or
thyroid problem.
They tell her its his immune system.
My mum is old and loves her cat.
Sometimes he won't eat for a few days at a time
then he'll eat well, but doesn't put on weight.
Any suggestions? All received with gratitude
either posted here or emailed to me at
Thanks in anticipation
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I would take him to see another vet and get a second opinion. There are several disease of the immune system such as FIV (feline "AIDS") and FeLV, but they can be diagnosed. Perhaps it's something else that can be treated - maybe cancer or a colon problem? Immune problem is just too vague.
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I'm sorry to hear about your mom's cat.

You might want to try Nutrical or Vitacal. They're high-calorie dietary supplements that come in a paste form. One of them, can't remember which, is also an appetite stimulant. They can be found online several places, like www.drsfostersmith.com .

Another option is Glop. I think HattKatts has the recipe. You could try sending him an E-Mail or PM.

Hope the kitty feels better soon.
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The Glop recipe and other things to try can be found in the Appetite Stimulants thread.
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I've merged the two identical threads together.
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