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yearly shots all at once?

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What is the recommendation these days on yearly shots? What does everyone do, go ahead and give them yearly? Also, does everyone allow the vet to give all of them at once or spread them out separately from each other? For instance, do rabies once and FELV another day, and the all in one shot another time?
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My previous vet used to space out the vaccinations. I seem to remember she didn't like to give the rabies vaccine at the same time as the distemper and the feline luekemia shots. The only problem is it meant two trips to the vet, which Velvet hates!!
My present vet gives all shots at once. I questioned this and he did agree that in a perfect world it would be best if the shots were spread out. However since most cat hate the vet's office is is less stress for all involved just to do one visit.
Velvet is pretty worn out after her yearly. But I think I agree it is overall easier on her to just do one trip.
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I always used to space the shots, for fear of adverse reactions, but stopped doing that after taking in a feral who literally had to be trapped and sedated for any medical treatment (he'd been out on the streets for 8 years). Our current cat also gets his shots all at once, because he totally freaks out and misbehaves (bites, scratches, expresses his anal glands) when he is taken to the vets'. He's so bad that the staff refer to him as the cat from hell, and refuse to be in the same room. He gets his appointments with two vets at once, and they wear protective clothing (long-sleeved jackets, gloves and safety goggles). So - having all his shots done at once seems to be the lesser of two evils.
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Thanks for your replies. I took in Lady today and discussed all the 'info' about vaccine recommendations. He said until there is conclusive evidence that certain vaccines are effective past a year, he will be continuing to follow the vaccine label instructions. He didn't have any problem with me doing the rabies separate from the others, so I'm taking her back in 3 weeks for her rabies. She takes the visit in stride fairly well so I feel I can at least take this precaution (even if it's not necessary). I'm going to do the same thing for my other kitty Torrie when it comes time for his shots.

Doing the rabies separate was my only choice actually, because he gives the other vaccines (distemper combo and feline leukemia) in an all in one shot. Not sure how good of an idea this is because I've also read negative things about doing that, who knows how accurate those reports are tho. You have to trust your vet's advice at some point.

Thanks again!
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