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How many of you...

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... have all your furniture covered?

I lveo my fur babies to peices but it hit me last night that my apartment looks like a haunted house scene! My sectional and bed are covered with white sheets so as to not get kitty cat fur all over them!

Anyone else have this going on?
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I don't have mine covered, but I do have folded-up blankets all over the place. Spike seems to like sitting on them... so if I happen to bring one somewhere to sit under, he ends up sitting on it, and then I feel bad moving it...
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I just cover the couch - with one of those slipcovers because Peedoodle chewed on the couch and made holes in it. I dont want to buy a new couch just yet.
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A few years ago we got a new chair and we tried to protect it from the cats by covering it with a large bedspread. It didn't work at all, the cats would just go under the bedspread whenever they wanted to lay on the chair.
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In our apartment.... My roomate covered both of the couches with blankets so Patches and Tiger can sit on them.... And on one couch a certain "kid" Patches clawed up the side of the couch and she taught her sister Tiger to do it too
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The only thing I have covered is my ironing board... I figure that if I have cats, there will be fur and scratches on the furniture, and I live with it. But then again, not a lot of people visit my house, so I'm the only one who sees it...
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the sofa is covered with throws that i can wash as the thing has been clawed to death but the carpet was the main fur magnet. I bribed my nephew to lay wood flooring, it is so much better. He was a real sweetie over it and came up from High Wycombe to the Midlands (about 100 miles) for the weekend (he has gone back to University to train as a Furniture Maker so i thought this was good experience-not sure he did. I'm not the greatest cook so he also did without food for the main part as well!
It was totally worth it for me though. The other furniture is bare wood so easy sweep!
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The sheets on the couch at least make for easy clean up - just throw those babd boys in the laundy and we're set! Don't get me wrong - I love my guys. It's just there is so much cat hair! I'm tellin' ya - I have lint brushes all over the place. It never fails though, just as I'm about to walk out the door for work, someone inevitably wants to say one last goodbye and then proceeds to get fur all over me! And it's usually when I'm wearing black and have a presentation in the morning.
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My couch is covered. I have a new cover for it but have not put it on yet.
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I don't cover my furniture but have thought about it. So far I've been able to keep the fur cover to a minimum! Even with 3 Persian's. I do a lot of vacuuming.
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No, not mine. I keep a comforter rolled up at the end of the couch because my kitties like to burrow down in it.
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I don't have anything on my couch. My cat doesn't seem to shed to much either that or I am just lucky cause she's got dark hair and I have a dark colored fabric. But even then I don't notice much hair on my clothes after a nice cuddle session with her.
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I have a quilt on my couch because I don't like the design of the couch. It's ok, but I like a solid color better.

After reading this thread I decided to check out what e-bay had to offer and look at what I found!

It's my very first bid!
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My furniture is always covered except when there's a party (which is very rare). The cats just love to run all over them and once the chase is over, they sleep on them. I had to reupholster some of the furniture but it wasn't because of the cats, it was just old furniture needing a facelift.
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I don't have anything on any of my furniture. Mind you it's probably because Aragorn & Legolas sleep on a Brass Day Bed and have their pillows and blankets there. They don't seem to be interested in any other furniture but their own bed!
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Nope. I've tried to buy furniture that fits my household of two cats and two dogs. My couches are leather, the cat hair doesnt stick and the small claw marks just give them that nice, used look. The floor is easy to clean (carpeting is not really done here), I don't have any rugs since those are favourite throw-up spots and get covered in cat hair. I even make sure my curtains are made of materials that don't "draw in" a lot of cat hair. Oh yeah, and since I got sick of having clean sheets with lots of cat hair on them anyway, I switched to satin sheets. The hair doesn't stick, comes off really easily.
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The couch is covered with 3 Cat throws and one Cat blanket, not necessarily to keep the cat hairs off, since that's kind of useless with 11 Kitties, but to keep a few of the Kitties from clawing the couch.
The Kitties don't let me sit on the couch anyways!

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We have blankets and throws on the couch & chairs right now, but we recently bought a slipcover for the couch to put on it. The tough part is finding something that doesn't show too much cat hair when the cats are all black & white - somehow they manage to leave black hair on the light-colored stuff, and white hair on the dark stuff! :
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