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Very scary vet visit

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White Foot, my 4 year old wild child peed on the rug a couple of times this week, so I took her to the vet this morning to be checked for a UTI. It took a few tries, but the vet managed to get a urine sample from her. The sample was fine -- no blood or anything else of concern. So, I loaded her back into her carrier and brought her back home.

When I opened the carrier, I found that she had peed in the carrier. She dashed downstairs to the litter box and finished peeing. I got some tissue to clean up the mess and found blood -- bright red blood and urine all over the tissue!!!! I of course went straight to her to see whether she had injured herself struggling in the carrier (she HATES going to the vet) but I saw no blood anywhere except on her leg where she had sat in the pee in the carrier on the way home.

So, I call the vet and was told to bring her right back. She is truly terrified at this point (having to be put back into the carrier and taken back to the vet). He examines her and she seems fine. He figures that he must have irritated the lining of the bladder when he squeezed to get the sample. He said that he had never had this happen before. He wanted to keep her overnight, but when he thought about how incredibly terrified she was, he decided to send her home with me instead. I am keeping a close eye on her paying particular attention to any trips to the litter box.

Once home, she is back to her normal self. She seems absolutely fine. You would never know she just went through this awful event.

Has anyone else had this happen? Sandie and all of you other vet folks; have y'all ever heard of this happening?

To say the least, this completely freaked me out!
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No, that's never happened to me. Oh my Gosh...how terribly scary! I do hope that White Foot is much better & give her lots of loves from me!
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that is scary. keep an eye on her real good, and hopefully it doesnt happen again.
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Renae, I am saying a prayer for your wild child tonight. I have never run into that where the cat had blood after a visit.
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I never herd or have seen something like that . Do you think when they try to take a urin sample of White Food that they may have hurt her some how and thats why she may were bleeding ??? I am just guessing here now .
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That must have been a very hairy visit. I have seen that happen - not with a cat, but a human. Three years ago we had to take my dad (stroke victim, severe prostate problems) to the emergency room in the middle of the night, and the doctor catheterized him. The catheter was removed after a few hours, and when my dad had to urinate again, quite a bit of blood was mixed in with the urine. So your vet's explanation sounds reasonable, but you're right to keep a close eye on her. Good luck!
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