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I might not be around until next week!

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Just thought I'd let you all know that I may not be around much until next week. I'm not sure when my internet will be hooked up at the new apartment, but I'm hoping it's ASAP! I'll be moving all day tomorrow & plan on coming back here for the night. I've got so much stuff I'm going to need 2 carloads plus one truck load. That's a lotta junk for just me!

So, don't worry if I don't sign in for a few days. I'll be unbelievably busy for a few days. Thanks everyone & I'll miss ya!
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Im going to miss you Shell!

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Whoo! I just called Road Runner & they're coming over on Tuesday! Plus they're having a great special of 1/2 off ($23) for the first 3 months & FREE installation! Awesome!
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Gonna miss you too Kellye!
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Good luck with the move and make sure your brother does most of the heavy lifting!
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Thanks Ady! That's what brother's are for, right? Mom & Dad are helping me too, but I'm not sure how much help Mom will be. She fell at work today (factory) & bruised her knees quite a bit. She walks around like she's 90 years old! She did report to her boss, so if she does need to go to the Dr it'll be covered. I think tomorrow I'm going to have her stay in the apartment & direct traffic! But I'm sure I'll catch hell for that though!

Thanks again!
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Good luck Shell. I hope you and the kitties have a nice and settling weekend. Are you only bringing two with you?
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Shell, how far away from home are moving?
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Have fun with the move, and you'd better hurry back here!
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I sure will miss you

I hope you have a save and quick move to your new place
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You take care of yourself and your furbabies while moving Shell!

I think we're all going to miss you!
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We'll miss you Shell. Hope the moving goes okay for you. And what a nice deal you're getting on your internet hookup.
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Thanks everyone! I'm hoping it goes as smooth as possible & praying it doesn't rain tomorrow.

I'll be moving about 80 miles from where I'm at. I won't be taking the girls with me tomorrow. I've got too much stuff loading in the car & the truck, so I'm coming back here tomorrow night. Plus, Mom said that she's like to have company watching the NASCAR race tomorrow night. So, on Sunday I'll be heading back up to Lincoln & taking Echo and Tiki then. I won't be taking Bud with me since technically he isn't my cat. I've adopted him as my own, but my Brother insisted that he stays with him. I'll miss that tubby boy! My parents really thought it would be for the best if I took the girls with me since they are SO close & Bud's the dog to keep him occupied. I plan on buying a Feliway plug to calm the girls down once we get in the new place. I'm sure they'll do just fine though.

Gotta go for if I don't chat with you all before tomorrow, I'll c-ya when I get back! Miss ya'll tons!
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See you real soon Shell!

Take Care Sweetie and I hope the moves goes smoothly like mine did!
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The best of luck and I will see you when you get back on.
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I hope your move goes well!

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I'll miss ya but am really excited for you too! Can't wait to hear all about the move!
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the bright side? least you are not moving in the middle of summer, you get to clean all your belongings (tv's, vcr's, knick-knacks) and you're getting new furniture. Okay, maybe the cleaning is a going a bit far, but hubby HAS to move everything around at least every 6 months to clean in all the odd spots. (he gets it from his mom).

good luck with the move...!
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Good luck with the move, Shell!
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You will be missed until you return I hope all goes well with your move.
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