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I think I just got a new cat!

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After a week or so of searching I think that I may have just gotten a new cat! His name is Max ans he is being given up by a woman whose roommates are making her do so. She put in an add on craigslist.com and I answered it. He is 3 years old and looks a lot like my current cat. I really wanted a kitten but I figured that I may be saving this cat from a shelter or worse I think that the woman is dropping him by my place Sunday afternoon. I am so nervous! But excited at the same time. Here is the picture that she sent me...
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Oh what a cutie!!! Good luck

I'm sure you know all about keeping him seperated from your existing cat for awhile.
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I have been reading up on it. I have to get his new room ready. I read that you recently got a new kitty. How did you handle the introduction?
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Well for me I think it was easier because Saki is just a baby. It might be more difficult introducing an adult cat to an adult cat. Are they both males?

I kept Saki in the bathroom with food and litterbox for 2 days only. On the first day I cracked the door and let them smell each other. Later in the day I let Saki out while Zoey was in the bedroom so that Saki could kind of get used to the place. That evening I let Saki out with Zoey for 10 minutes. Before I did this, I put a dab of Vanilla Extract on each cats neck betw. shoulder blades, under their chins and at the base of their tail so that they smell the same. I also bought a Feliway comfort zone plug in. Zoey hissed at Saki a few times. By the next couple of meetings Zoey just watched Saki as he explored the house and toys. By the end of the week they were playing together, no hissing and getting along really well
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I plan on introducing them slowly. I am going to set the new cat up and make sure he is ok first. Then bring my old cat over and let him check him out. I will try the vanilla thing too that sounds cool!
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One HECK of a handsome cat and, of course, he's the prerequisite orange! I'm so jealous! You can even see the personality in his face!
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Aw!He's gorgeous! Hope he's everything you wanted!
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Congratulations! I love Orangies!

I've been wanting a kitten for a long time too but always end up getting adults. But I sure get lots of love from my big kitties! I wouldn't give any of them up for a kitten! You're doing a great thing, giving this beauty a good home.
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my congrats on you new cat , he looks so handsome .

To bad that the woman has to give him up , that is so sad . But the guy (cat) was lucky to find you . What is his name ???
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