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Baby pictures from Yola!!

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OMG, Dominik is SO CUTE!!!! I just can't stop smiling after looking at these pictures she sent me to post. (Yola doesn't have imaging software at the moment and needed them resized).

Dominik Alexander at 1 day old.

Dominik at 1 month old (And look at all that HAIR!!! ) :angel2:

Yola, he is just beautiful!!!
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What a handsome boy! And the hair
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OMG! He's absolutely beautiful Yola!!! Congrats once again!

Thanks Heidi for posting thoses!
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He is just gorgeous!

Congratulations once again!
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: Awwwwwwwwwww....Congratulations!
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Congratulations Yola on a beautiful baby boy!
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He is going to be a future heartbreaker - he is adorable!
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awwww what a sweetie baby
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What a little cutie-pie!
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Aw! Yola your baby boy is so adorable!
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Yola, he's beautiful!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
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He's adorable! Congrats!
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What a cute baby! I had a great nephew a few months ago who is named Dominik too!
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Awwww he's adorable
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Congratulations, Yola. He is beatiful!
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He's a sweetie!!! Congrats!!
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Adorable baby.
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Yola - I'm late here, but CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I worried about you until I got the e-mail - then I switched laptops and lost my previous e-mails... so I found a few minutes and went searching - and here it is!!!!!

HE'S GORGEOUS!!! (Of course - look at his mommy!)

I haven't been around much, so I'm sure I've missed a lot in the Daily Threads, but I sure hope "mommying" suits you and that things are going well for the whole family.

You're in my thoughts and prayers!!!!
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Wow Yola congratulations! He is absolutely beautiful. His eyes are sooo big and so stunning! You must be one proud mommy!
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Yola he's beautiful!! Congratulations!! Sure makes me
miss my son's baby days *sniff* sniff*

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Dominik is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS YOLA!!!! I am so happy for you!!!!!!
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Wow! Look at that hair!

Yola, you better enjoy Dominik now. When he gets older, you will have mobs of girls on your doorstep!


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He is adorable! And he does have quite a head of hair! What a cutie!
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Awwwww what a sweetie he is
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