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need some good luck wishes

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Well, I'm waiting to get the results back on an x-ray of my ankle. It's either broken or very badly sprained. It's the size of a softball and the color of a blueberry! AND I'm getting two of my Wisdom teeth out in a couple of hours!!!
Wish me luck!
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Wow..double whamming for you! Wishing you the very best & sending you some mega vibes Girl!
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Sometimes it heals better if it is broken. I tore tendons in my ankle 15 years ago and I still have major problems! No matter the result - I am sending heal quickly vibes your way!
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OUCH!!! What happened to your ankle?

Sending you healing vibes and good luck with your wisdom teeth as well!
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It sounds like you need good vibes and good painkillers! I'll send the vibes...

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Oh my! Hope everything is ok. I'm thinking good thoughts for you!
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well, The ankle is not fractured, just sprained. And the wisdom teeth are out. I've got good "drugs" for the pain (I got them from Rush Limbaugh's housekeeper...lol...) and a great excuse to lay around and be lazy all weekend with my hubby waiting on me hand and foot!
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I had my wisdoms out...not fun! well, when I was in the chair and they gave me the Demerol, that was fun, but after that it was all downhill.

I hope your ankle feels better soon. take as much advantage as you can in the meantime lol!
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OK, hindsight is 20/20 here so,
Please be careful with that ankle and follow your doctor's instructions carefully.

I "just" sprained my ankle 15 years ago - tore the ligament so hard it took a chip of bone with it. Well, I thought "it's just a sprain" and couldn't stand to sit around and be on crutches, so I ignored the doctor's orders and walked on it anyway...I still have trouble with it, today. It twists at the drop of a hat, now - I have to wear an ankle brace to go hiking.

So, listen to your doctor, and I hope you feel better soon!
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Sending healing vibes your way.
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