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Research - Please participate!

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Hi everyone!

Sending this from a rainy Sweden. We are four collegestudents who are doing a research-paper on communication and cats and would like some input from catowners around the world. Below are two questions we would like you to answer and discuss in this thread. Or if you prefer, email me.

How would you describe your relation to your cat?
If you could talk to your cat what would you talk about?

You will be completely anonymous of course.

Thank you

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hmm- because I have so many cats I don't look at myself other than there caretaker. I see to their needs, and try and make this life with me easier than the one that they escaped from. I have relationships with all of them, but they vary on different levels as I tone down my needs, and take my cue from what their needs are. Many of them were abused, so my husband and I maintain a low-stress level household for them.

If I could talk to them, I would simply ask them if their needs were being met adequately, or if there was anything else we could do to make them feel loved.
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My furbabbies are just that, my children in all aspect. Actually I talk to them all the time. Mainly about if their happy, and just about things going on.
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How would you describe your relation to your cat?
I have two cats, one is deaf and with me being deaf as well, I feel a strong bond with them, they are my children, they are there for me to love and they are there for me when I feel down.

If you could talk to your cat what would you talk about?
I would ask them if they were happy, if there is anything they need, and to ask them what their lives were like before I adopted them. I would also ask them to please let me sleep until a certain hour and not wake me up too early
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Originally posted by Masse

How would you describe your relation to your cat?
If you could talk to your cat what would you talk about?

You will be completely anonymous of course.

I have more than one, but two are terminally ill, so I will talk about them. I have a very close relationship to both...I've been present since Patrick's birth, held him within a few minutes after he was born, and through out his 16+ years, we've had a great, loving relationship. When he became ill, my first sign was that he would cry if he didn't know where I was - sometimes this was when I was in the same room and behind him! I would answer him, letting him know I was there, he was not alone and I'd be where he could see me soon. When I wake up, he sits on top of me and peers at me with a question - usually it's "feeding time is now?", and if I don't get it, he will meow and purrt to make his point that he needs my attention *now*.
If I could be sure he understood me, I'd ask Patrick if he is hurting in any place that I don't know about, I'd ask him if he's still happy, despite the restricted diet, the sub-q fluids, I'd ask him if he misses his mom as much as I do.

His grandson, Christopher, is the pride of the American Curl breeding program I had, and has been a super loving, gentle male all his life (with me, with other cats, even though altered, he plays too rough). Now that he has cancer, if he could talk, I would ask him, are you too tired, does it hurt though you are headbutting me, cheek rubbing me and making biscuits with your paws, I'd ask him to please tell me when it's time. I'd ask him if he knows just how much I've always loved him, and always will.
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LOL Kellye! And hugs to you Pat ((((()))))
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I only have one cat, Roxy

How would you describe your relation to your cat?
I try to treat him like my child, but he usually doesn't let me. I'd consider it more of a big sister little brother kinda thing.. he sometimes needs and always trusts me, but he wants what he wants when he wants it, not when I want to give it to him. We always play together like siblings, he loves hide and go seek I feel for him like I would a child though, so protective and crazy with worry when he's not where he's supposed to be..

If you could talk to your cat what would you talk about?
My cat was born in the wild, and grew up there. He came to me an adult cat who had never lived with humans. It was very hard to get him comfortable but over time it's worked. His little sister down the street is impossible to approach. I'd probably ask him about his life before me and about his brothers and sisters that are still in the wild. I always see Roxy hanging out with them, but although they seem the best of friends and we feed them, they only come out when we disappear. I would tell Roxy to tell them that all I want to do is help them, and for them to trust me..
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I'd have to describe our relationship as "mother-child". He was quite young when we got him - ten weeks, and I had visited before that. I talk to him all the time, but don't always understand his replies to my questions. I'd really like to know why he doesn't like other cats, and whether he feels underprivileged because he's not allowed to roam freely.
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How would you describe your relationship to your cat?

Maximillian (Max) is my child. He is the only living being who relys totally on me. He is the ultimate companion and loves to snuggle. He likes to know where I'm am at all times when in the house. He makes me laugh.

If you could talk to your cat, what would you talk about?

I would ask him if he were lonley (he's an only cat). I would ask him why all of a sudden he goes into another room and meows so mornfully (I will call to him and he will come running to me).

I do talk to him now. I tell him when I'm going away and when I'll be back. I will tell him how much I love him, that he is the best cat in the whole wide world and how lucky I was to find him. I find I talk to him quite a bit.

I hope this helps.
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How would you describe your relationship with your cat

I have 4 cats - each one has different needs and I try to cater for all. Our relationship is a curious mix of love and dependence - not sure from/to whom. More of a family member type of thing rather than specific 'brother', 'sister', 'mum'. I am terrible protective of them - probably over protective - but like small children they dont see the dangers until it is too late.

If you could talk to your cat,what would you talk about

We already talk about a lot of things - like how has their day been when I am at work and what they have seen through the window and if the phone has rung and stuff like that but if they could reply i could be more specific like:
Tulip-does she get enough to eat and is it okay, is she warm enough and why does she cry all of a sudden when she cannot see me.
Mischa-does she really need to be such a bully!
Katy-it would be so much easier to scatch your ear if you lost some weight!
Dirt-what was life like on the street and do you really need to decide that the bed is THE ONLY place you will eat your dinner
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Trent is my friend, my child, my soulmate kitty, my little lover-kitten. Ophelia is a one-person kitty and I'm not her person, so with her I'm more of her caretaker and guardian, and admirer. I love her dearly and she loves me too, but it isn't as affectionate of a relationship as I have with Trent.

I already talk to them all the time. I have full conversations with Trent, but with Ophelia I mainly tell her how pretty she is and how much I love her. I tell Trent those things too, but Ophelia doesn't have the patience with me for conversation. If they could answer, I would ask:

Trent, why do you get so needy and whiney every so often? What more can I do to make you happy?

Ophelia, are you happy with us? Can I do anything more for your happiness? Will you please let me clip your claws?? Why don't you allow me to be affectionate to you like you do for Daddy?
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Originally posted by Masse
How would you describe your relation to your cat?
I have three cats. These, like all their predecessors, are my kids. All but two of the cats who have shared my life came into it as kittens, and have been (are still) my babies. Never having had the kitten experience with the other two, they never felt like my babies, but were always my kids.

I see my role in their lives as providing for all their needs, physical and emotional; bringing them up to be as well adjusted people (yes, people) as they can be, as self-sufficient people as they can be; allowing them to be who they are, and celebrating that: they are individuals, just as human kids are.

I love them passionately; I worry myself silly when they're not where they're supposed to be, when they're supposed to be; I try to make their lives as safe and as comfortable as I can, and to be there for them in any need. They're not always able to communicate that need of course, but it's my job to try to figure it out.

If you could talk to your cat what would you talk about?
We do talk. Pretty basic stuff, of course, like about love and food and opening doors. Mostly, I think I get it right.

If we could get into more complicated things, I'd ask them about their needs and their feelings; I'd ask Cindy why she rags on Suzy, and Suzy why she doesn't just tell Cindy where to go. I've often said I'd love to spend 24 hours in their head, to be able to see the world from their viewpoint. I'd ask them what it is that draws them to keep company with humans; I'd ask them if they think humans are weird -- I think the answer is 'yes', and I'd ask them what makes them say that.

I could go on, but I won't. Hope you're getting some useful stuff. Do we get to see the results?
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This is really interesting.

I have two cats, both adopted as adults. I think that it is a great privilege and responsibility to be a person on whom these animals are totally dependent for everything in their lives, food, companionship, shelter, health, entertainment. So with my cats, I am always concerned about doing the best for them. And I am always just thrilled when people compliment them, and sort of hope that they understand. I do really see them as separate and independent and mysterious beings, that happen to share my life. Its sort of complicated, I love them dearly, and always want to know where they are. I can't go to sleep at night unless I know they are settled too, usually one of them sleeping on me somewhere. But I don't think of them as children, I really think of them as separate independent beings who share my living space. And my job is trying to anticipate their needs.

And if I could talk to them, I would also want to know about their lives before they came to live with me. I would also like to know what motivates them to do stuff. Like, sleep on one chair every night for weeks on end, and then suddenly decide to change.
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Fred is my buddy and my baby. I have been his mom since he was about 5 weeks old. He has been always with me for 16 years, and often the only constant thing in my life. He loves me unconditionally, even though he was my first cat, and I did a lot of things wrong while raising him. I know he will be sitting at the door, demanding to be fed.
I love my girls, Georgia and Pearl, but they are more interested in playing and sleeping.
I would love to ask Fred if I took good care of him, and what that weird noise he makes is all about.
I would ask Georgia who threw her out of the moving car, and why she is such a brat!
I would ask Pearl why she is still afraid we will hurt her after 3 years of patience and love. She came from a terribly abusive home. I would love to be able to reassure her that we would never hurt her, and that she did not need to be afraid of us. I would also ask her if Georgia is playing or fighting with her.
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How would you describe your relation to your cat?
My Name says it all! Willow is my baby, I treat her as if she is my child. She gets the best toys, the best food, the Best litter and all the loving she can stand!!

If you could talk to your cat what would you talk about?
I talk to my cat like she is a normal person. I talk to her about her day, about my day, any problems I may run into. and the cool thing is that she actually responds
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I have two cats Sammycat and Oscar. Sammycat is a special needs kitty, he was born with part of his backbone missing about one-half of an inch from the end of his body where his tail would have started. He has some nerves that do not fire like they should.

Oscar was a kitten of about four weeks old,skinny,weak,injured and almost dead when my hubby found him running around the plant where he works. They both are my babies.

How would you describe your relation to your cat? They are my children I give them the best food,toys,etc.etc. and all the love that they can stand and more if they want it.

If you could talk to your cat what would you talk about? I would ask them if there is anything special that they wanted or needed. We would talk about how their day went,if there was anything more I could do to improve their quality of life. If they really want to go out into that big ole scarey world outside of the door They seem to want to but the only way is to be carried by me
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I have two cats.

One is my child, my friend, my helpmate, my rescuer. That's Toes. I saved his life and he has saved mine. He's what I call my mancat and he's very loving and kind.

The other is my child and my friend (she still hasn't gotten to the point of being a helpmate or rescuer and hopefully she'll never have to be the last). That's Tailer. She's my sweet little girl who's very independent and intelligent.

I already talk to both my kitties. I tell them everything and it sounds like they're telling me everything too. Like when a big noise comes out of another room and both cats come speeding out Tailer comes up to me and starts talking like she's telling on Toes. Tailer has even talked back to me in front of guests when I told her no on something. My guests were surprised that even they could tell what she said.

I'd love to be able to understand everything they say, although I'm not so sure I'd want them to be able to understand everything I say (except in emergencies).
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How would you describe your relation to your cat?

Well, I consider my cat Snoopy to be my Son, and my best friend in this entire world. My other two cats, Simba and Shane, are my children. I love my cats more than anyone on this earth right now.

If you could talk to your cat what would you talk about?

I would tell them how much I love them. I would ask Snoopy, how he's feeling, and if he had any ache's and pains, in his advanced age.

I would probably ask Simba and Shane if they're have lots of fun, and also request that they don't pick on Snoopy.
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How would you describe your relation to your cat?

They are my loving companions.

If you could talk to your cat what would you talk about?

I would ask if they are happy, if they are happy being indoor cats, and explain the dangers of outdoors, so they would know what to look out for if I let them out. I would ask what they think about, and what they want in life. I would ask them to try to get along better with each other. I would ask my older cat about her life before she came into mine.
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How would you describe your relation to your cat?
well I think of them as mu children and I would die for them.
I adore my cats with all my heart and like the fact that they come to the door meowing when I come home like little kids. I have no children and really don't want any, but I enjoy the fact that the cats fill that small nurturing instinct I still have.
If you could talk to your cat what would you talk about?
everything! I'd ask them what they do while I'm at work. How my being gone affects them, if they are happy being with me. what I can do to make their lives more pampered them they already are. for my two girls I'd ask what happened to them before I took them off the streets, them maybe I'd understand more why one of them is so skittish and the other one is not so afraid, and why they are so nervous and run when strangers are in the house. I'd tell them that the don't ever need to be afraid and that nothing will ever hurt them again. things of the sort.

You will be completely anonymous of course
ok, but i'm not shy about my cats, it doesn't make a difference if you want to use my name that's great too!
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