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Mummified Cat

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The other night on the tv was a program about this little cat who has died (of natural causes I think but I didnt see the very beginning) and her owners wanted her mummified. The programme also talked about Eygptian mummified cats and how this was done not only to appease the gods but also so their little pet was with them in the after life etc. It took 3 months and a lot of internal stuffing and being hung by bandages before the little cat was covered in varnish (a very fetching blue as I recall!) then encased in a metal cat shaped casket and took back to her owners. I'm not sure if the owners had any beliefs etc or just wanted their pet to be always there - looked like a VERY expensive door stop to me! I'm not sure I would wish that on any of mine although the guy who did it was lovely and talked to the dead cat and was very sensitive etc.
What do others think - or have you considered this!
Alexis (tulip2454)
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I guess each person is differend . I would not do that . I would burried mine in the back yard if I can . My friend Goldie crimate (sp) her cats who die .
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IMO, I think it's creepy but to each their own. My Mom on the other hand wants to get our dog Mandy stuffed when she's passes. I threw a fit when she told me that! I just can't imagine having my beautiful Pooch stare at me when I know she's gone. I personally think it would cause grieving problems...at least it would to me.
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I saw an Egyptian Mummified cat in the museum when they were doing a special display of cats. They are so small, I guess they wrap the body up so tightly. I wouldnt do that to my cats though. I love them to bits but I would bury them in the woods, as they love to watch the birds, squirrels, etc.
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I dont think I could do that.. that's just too creepy.

Creamation is the most humane way I think. However my last cat was buried in a beautiful Pet Memorial Park in Napa Valley
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i would not have my pet mummified or stuffed. either cremation or burial for me.

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That sounds a little strange to me - but then again everybody is different.
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My cats are either cremated or burried. I couldn't do that either.
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I've heard of that being done too. In fact one of the only places that does it in the U.S. is in Utah. It's out of my reach though... I believe it is something like $10,000.
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That's way too weird for me!
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too creepy
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