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Sudden (?) Weight Change

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Some of you may remember that I went on holiday and left my two kitties and fishies with a housesitter/petsitter.

There's just one problem...we're back now and Russell our 4.5kg cat has lost weight. His bones aren't showing and his rib cage isn't poking out. He has the same level of energy as before. I haven't found any worms in his poo, nor with Esper. And they are regularly wormed and were wormed just before we left on our holiday. And the cats are both indoor only kitties. Oh, and lucky for me, no one has diarrhoea.

Esper has also lost some weight, but not to the extent Russell has. I haven't weighed them yet as I must be the only woman on earth not to own one of those weighing things. I do know that the weigt loss is significant as it is visible.

Both are eating well, in fact, they're eating as if they won't be fed later. I have suspicions that they weren't fed as per instructions by our housemate who offered to look after them and convinced our arranged petsitter that all would be well. Though my fiance has calmed me down about that and has stopped me from opening the depths of hell and fury.

I'm wondering what else can cause weight loss apart from worms and lack of food. As I type I know I should take them to the vet but I'm not sure.
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I bet the pet sitter didn't do as good a job feeding them as you did. Either that or they missed you and didn't eat to much while you were gone. Kids do it why can't Cats But like everyone on here says........Better take them to the vet just be sure
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My cats don't eat much when I am away. I think that's quite common. When I was catsitting, the visitor kitty didn't eat much for three or four days until she got used to us. So don't be really quick to blame someone for not doing things properly.
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I used to have a dog who wouldn't drink water until we came home from being out shopping for the day..

Cats are such curious and emotional creatures I wouldn't be surprised if they were jut picking up on that you weren't there. My vet had said that cats can even pick up any stress you may have in your house and may feel sick from it.

Get your kitty checked but chances are they'll be fine
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I haven't taken them to the vet yet. They're both eating well. Though Esper overdid things yesterday. She was worse than a puppy with nibbles. Ate the whole lot and promptly threw up 10 minutes later.

Still keeping an eye on them.
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