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Quiz galore....

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I just found these mini quizzes on match.com & thought they'd be fun for everyone to try them. I just took the Inner Goddess Quiz & it looks like I'm an Aphrodite! I'm a lover..not a fighter!
Here's the link if you're interested: Quizzes
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I'm an Aphrodite!

I'm a lover not a fighter. warm, open-hearted and cultured, I appreciate the importance of emotional connection especially that of the romantic kind. I also value beauty in all it's forms, whether it's found in objects or in people and I cultivate it in myself and all my surroundings!

Those were my quiz results!

But, I do admit that I'm quite the romantic and I live with nothing but a forest surrounding me. As for the cultured part, I'm not so sure about that!
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I'm Hestia.
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Lol Artemis (Goddess of the Hunt) Yeah!
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I can't get to it. It says "To protect your privacy, we closed your session after 45 minutes of inactivity. Don't worry, though; simply restart your session to continue matching."

Can you re-post the link?
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I get the same message. No quizes and I was so looking forward to finding my goddess. Probably one with a nasty streak.
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Sorry about that! I noticed that the first time I posted the link, everyone could see my account info...so I had to change it. So, after 45 minutes this link will probably be dead too, but here it is again!
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Well found a sight with the quiz not sure if it's the same one, but it says I'm Athena.
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FYI: If you click on restart your session, it will take you to the main screen. Then click on My Match.com & click on Quizzlets. Then it'll come up for ya!
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