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Death by Catnip!

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I just had to share this as it was something else.

Death by Catnip
By Laura Tangley

TRY THIS and your cat might end up on a bender: New studies show that oil derived from the catnip plant repels and kills termites—offering hope for a commercial product that would be less toxic than pesticides used to control the insects today. In laboratory tests, U.S. Department of Agriculture entomologist Chris Peterson found that treating sand in test tubes with catnip oil prevented termites from tunneling through the substance as they normally would. At higher concentrations, it killed the insects—which cause more than $1 billion of damage nationwide each year. One disadvantage is that catnip oil breaks down quickly, while current pesticides persist and remain effective for several years. Another possible hitch: "It would probably drive your cats nuts," says Peterson.

Copyright 2003 National Wildlife Federation. All rights reserved. The above article may not be republished or redistributed, in whole or in part, without prior written consent of National Wildlife Federation.
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i'm sure my house is good then!
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I always prefer environmentally friendly options like this. Fortunately for my kitties, we don't have termites
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That is great . Is that on the market yet ???
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It also repels flies and mosquitos off horses. But it attracts bees like crazy! Plus the oil is so expensive (and usually not found but in other countries) that it will be awhile before they make a safe method to combat pests. Also catnip can be toxic to horses if they eat enough of it. Just FYI
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WOW MA I did not know it is repelent to flies and mosquitos . Does that also work on cats for that ???
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Cats don't usually get bugged by flies or mosquitos, not like horses do, unless the cats are really ill. But the oil is a huge attractant for bees and yellow jackets.
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dump me , I was thinking fleas

But thanks MA for answering that one for me
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