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Alpha Male Cat Help

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I am new to this site.  I have had many cats over the years, but none like the one we have now.  He is so very unusual.  We love him dearly, but he is a challenge.  We have learned from research that he is an alpha cat.  He is large, short legs, long bushy tail, large head.  He does not purr.  He howls.  He growls.  He will occasionally give kisses, but he does not like you to show affection to him.  He wants to decide when he will give you affection.  He does not like to be held or petted (although he is getting better at the petting if you are not trying to hold him).  He is playful, and at times aggressive (but he is getting better).  He really wants to go outside, but we won't let him.  He is neutered, but will pee on things left on the floor occasionally.  He will drag clothes out of the hamper to your bed.  He has a large teddy bear he hides under the bed with other treasures.  He will bring it out, parade it around, play with it, hug it, roll with it, but then safely return it to under the bed.  Any advice?  We have had him for a year and love him dearly.  We just would like to learn how to give him love and for him to love us back (softly).

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Welcome to TCS. Just keep giving him all the love and companionship you can. Try playing with him using a wand toy or some other interactive toy. He will do what he wants, in his own time.  Be consistent in your interaction with him.

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Aw, the teddy bear, clothes from the hamper...that is so cute! :D I agree with catspaw66 about interactive toys. I think he loves you his own way. Time might mellow him to be more loving but I've had "cold" cats and it was only when they reached their senior years, that they became warmer to human affection. It's just their personality I guess. :)

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