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My cat keeps on meowing

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I have a ginger cat and nice and slender too.i have the cat with me 8 years now at the moment and always in the house with me when im around. Has greenish eyes. Every time when he sees me his starts to meow at no reasons and he keeps on doing it the whole time until i decide to go lay down then he will stop now. Even when i give his food, he will eat it but afterwards he will still continue to meow. i want to know what the meaning is when the cat looks at you and just meow concertedly without stopping until im in bed?

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He's talking to you. :D Have you tried answering him? I know to some it sounds silly, but some cats are just talkers and really enjoy it when you answer them.


My male will do this when he is all wired up, and I just meow back and he stops. :lol3: I also had a female foster who just loved to talk when she would first see me, like she was asking "where you been? I've been waiting for you!" plus more cause she'd talk forever, then stop like she was then finished.:nod:

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awwww i will know fr a next time. so his actually speaking to me that's soooo awesome:lol3::jump:. Now i can communicate with my cat and understand him more. thanks for the advise:)

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