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Dog People...Need Help and Resources!

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I just got an email to Stray Pet Advocacy, and I don't have the resources to respond to her. I gave her a couple of message boards that deal with dogs, but I'm sure there are other resources she could probably tap into. Anyway, here's the email and if anyone can give some guidance or resources I can pass along, I would really appreciate it.

I desperatly need advice on rescuing a 3 year old feral dog-a 75lb Shepard mix, who has thus far produced 25+ pups. She is living here in a rural Minnesota scrapyard. I can trap and contain her, have her spayed and vaccinated, but have never dealt with the fine art of taming adult ferals. (I have worked with feral pups and kittens and do Pit Bull rescue) Part of the problem will be also her size and strength-she could really hurt me-so any advice is greatly appreciated.
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Man, I have no clue, but sending hopes and prayers and "good dog" vibes her way! Bless her heart for taking care of that dog!
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I'm hoping she'd be able to find some help with this: it's an online forum (much like this one) dedicated to dogs and their owners...


good luck!
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Try this Page. Most dogs that are Feral I don't think can be Sociolized enough. More so as time goes by.......old dogs can't learn new tricks. Once a dog relies on it's natural instincts it's very hard to get them to convert them. One thing about most dogs you get from breeders and such they are bred to be human friendly. Where as Wolves and coyotes are VERY hard to tame. I will also look and see if I can find more sites to help you out.

Also, Since I grew up training dogs and studying thier behavior, I might beable to do more then just provide links!

Good luck!
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This is an Adobe file......Contains alot of info on Feral Dogs.

Found this on another site......
Live trapping is another very effective method that is often necessary to rid your property of dangerous or nuisance stray dogs or coyotes. A professional, humane live trap is needed for this job. A 36 inch live animal trap can be used to capture cats, small dogs or wild animals such as raccoons and skunks. Two other traps are available for dogs: A Bobcat Trap is the correct size for capturing medium size dogs; a Dog Trap is the most used for medium and large dogs and coyotes. The Dog Trap is used by professional trappers, airports, animal control agencies, ranchers, farmers and also by individuals around their homes.
The best bait for trapping dogs is usually cheap, canned dog food. Other items you can use are sardines, raw chicken or other foods that are attractive to canines.

Once you have trapped the dog, consult with your local animal control authorities for information on what to do with the animal. Simply returning it to the wild helps no one and is also inhumane. An unfamiliar dog might be frightened and therefore dangerous to handle. You also cannot tell if the animal is rabid in most cases. Your local, county or state authorities will be familiar with laws, regulations and safety procedures on this subject.

a Forum site that might help ya!

That's all I can find with really good facts and info.
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Thanks everyone! I will get another email off to her this afternoon when I get home with these resources for her.
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