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Because we've had a lot of people asking for good vibes lately (and I don't usually have enough time to read everything) I'd like to sent good vibes and warm fuzzies to everyone who needs them. I'm sorry if I haven't responded personally, but I truly do care about all of you. I read the site more when I'm depressed because I love all the stories and the pictures. You're all a big part of my life.

Love to all!
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Thanks Ericka! We love you too!
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Thank you!
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That's so sweet! Thanks, even though I don't have any pressing issues, I appreciate the warm fuzzies. Most of us don't get enough in our lives.
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That brought a smile to my face Ericka - that is so sweet of you. Sending vibes out to everyone who needs them too!
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Thank you Ericka, I needed all the warm fuzzies that can be sent today since we buried Dad this morning
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Aww Cathi, I am so sorry. My heart is with you at this tough time
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
Aww Cathi, I am so sorry. My heart is with you at this tough time
Thank you! I hope this pain will diminish someday
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thank you so much , you are a sweetheart
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Awwwww Ericka - You're such a sweetie pie!

Cathi - You are SO in my thoughts and prayers, girl! I am really sorry about your dad

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Thanks for the good thoughts but I hope everything is ok with you.
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Ericka, that's so sweet of you! Bless your heart!
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Thank you Ericka that was very sweet of you. I don't have any personal need of warm fuzzies right now but I'll take them when ever I can get them.
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{{{Hugs}}} and good vibes back atcha
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Hugs I needed those fuzzies!

To you as well Ericka!

Cathi I'm so sorry about Zack!

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Thanks everyone!

Cathi, I'm very sorry to hear about your Dad. That's got to be hard, but remember we're all here for you.
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