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I'm soooooo pi$$ed . . .

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At Alex and my idiot soon-to-be-brother-in-law. (They're twins.) It's such a long, involved story that I don't even really wanna tell it, but basically Andrew told Alex something really mean that wasn't true, so now Alex is all hacked-off at me! And believes Andrew! This is really serious! Grrrr . . .

Sorry, I know it's vague, but I just HAD to tell someone how mad I am, or else I think I'm going to burst!! I am literally fit to be tied . . . I didn't cook dinner tonight just to keep myself away from the kitchen knives! Jeez!! Are ALL men this psycho? (Please, NO offense intended to anyone here . . . ) Or did I just end up involved with a couple of morons???

*pant, pant* Sorry bout the rant, thanks for listening everyone. I just don't know what to do!
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Men suck.Well,most of the one's I know of anyway.

I hope you 2 are able to get things worked out.
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I hope everything will be ok again for you . Just try not to take it personal , I know it is hard not to . Slowly count 20 . 19 . 18 all the way to 0 and take a good breath . Don't you feel better now
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Hey viva,

I hope u are feeling better now. Talk things out.. it helps a whole lot...
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Thanks for the advice, guys.

Actually, I found out about this yesterday, but he'd been thinking about it for a few days before that. I'm really upset that he didn't just talk to me about it up front, instead of being really distant and cold towards me the past few days, without me knowing why. And even now, he WON'T talk about it. He just clams up. It's soooo frustrating! All I can think about is this, all day long. I'm really sad, too, since it's something that I feel like I can't fix; he won't let me.
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Men and relationships are WAY over rated!
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Originally posted by mzjazz2u
Men and relationships are WAY over rated!
I agree!!
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Ack! I knoooowwww . . . but . . . I'm in LOVE with the stupid idiot! Waaaa!!!! This is what I spent my whole life being afraid of -- falling in love -- and now that it's happened, most of the time it's great, but when it's not, it's AWFUL!
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*sigh* Well, I'm off to bed, everyone. I'll try to get Alex to talk to me again. Wish me luck. *gulp*
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Goodnite and Good luck.
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Peter and I have had an understanding since we were just living together, that's been 28 yrs. now. Surprizingly enough he has kept his deal and I've kept mine. The deal is that absolutely No One goes to bed until the argument is totally figured out. Now mind you we have only had 1 serious argument in those years and I broke a door slamming it in his face.

Once I cooled off enough to talk to him about it we stayed up until 3 AM and it was all about something my parents told him. That he wasn't good enough for me. The argument only lasted about 2 hours most of which was to discuss how to keep my parents out of our lives. This seemed to graduate to his friends and mine and both families.

The important thing I'm trying to say here is, we talked, we communicated, we yelled, we cried, we found a solution and we hugged. Talking and communication has kept my marriage alive for almost 26 years now, I hope that you and Alex can start to do this because if you don't things are only going to get worse. I'm sorry to say that.

Good Luck!
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Oh Viva, I am so sorry...I will pray for you tonight...I know how men can be...
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April...that's a GREAT understanding...i'll have to talk to DH about that once we get to live together....LMAO...married 7 months and spent 4 days together... life sure thinks it's funny sometimes....

i'm sorry that things aren't going well with your sweetie...i'm sure he'll come around and talk to you!!!
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Oh Viva that sucks! Keep Luna close to night! Snuggle her heaps and I hope you and Alex get this sorted!

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I hate it when men do that. You wanna grab them by the ears and yell at them to talk to you. Grr. Darrell and I need to practice that no going to bed thingy. But we're silent arguers...we argue, then we're quiet for many hours then we joke and it's over with. Not really solved but we call a truce.

Hope everything works out! Let us know what you did to get him to talk if you can.
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In truth most men do suck. There are the few, rare treasures that can be found. But my opinion is that their actually aliens sent here to try to get the earth men to straighten out. So far it's not working.
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Viva.....I think part of the problem is whatever he heard was from his twin. You know he loves you, but his twin has been his other half since before birth. You really can't find a closer connection. I would suggest sitting down with both of them and have a discussion on how you feel. Try not to make it antagonistic with terms like "you made me mad". Use terms like "I felt mad when....".

Good luck - I am sure that you will work thru it.
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Yes, Aurora, most men are psychos with something in their lives. Some are better than others though.
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