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Dumped litter

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The local news just had a story (Smith County, Tyler, TX) that someone had abandoned six puppies along a remote road. Fortunately a state trooper rescued them, and except for a few insect bites, they are at the local Petco, getting shots, and hopefully adopted.

I know these are pups, but it makes me mad that people do this to any kind of animal. In Texas, you could receive a $4000 fine, but I doubt they will catch the complete idiot (or family of idiots) that perpetrated this.

I'm just happy that they will have a chance to be adopted. I adopted Clyde from Partnership for Pets after the previous owner had to give him up (only had him a month - dog didn't like Clyde), but a neighbor gave him to her (he had been abandoned or dumped).

Thank goodness for their kindness, or this handsome cat never would have had a chance.

Too many idiots in this world!!!!

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God how can people be so cruel???!! I mean if they're going to dump them somewhere AT LEAST dump them at a shelter! It makes me mad. I dont know if anyone ever saw that episode of Animal Cops where a lady dumped a large litter of puppies into a garbage can I just cant fathom what goes through people's minds sometimes.
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Originally posted by Sicycat
I dont know if anyone ever saw that episode of Animal Cops where a lady dumped a large litter of puppies into a garbage can I just cant fathom what goes through people's minds sometimes.
Yeah,I saw that one.

I HATE people that mistreat animals.

A lot of people,when they find out what I'm going to school for,ask me "Well,why don't you go into nursing?You will make more money."
I look at them and say "Because I like animals better than I do people!"That usually shuts them up.LOL.
I guess they think that I can handle the medical stuff and cleaning up after animals means I can with people,but I would much rather clean up after a dog or cat than a grown-up human(I'm NOT knocking people who do this cause I think it is great,but I myself personally could NOT do it)
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Sicy I see that show too , where the 2 lady's dumped the puppy's in the trash alive . And then the B*** screemt to her Mom I am arested ... I was LMAO and was hoping she get a long sentence in jail or get dumped some place for a while so she know how it is .

I don't like people who dump animals some place I really don't .
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I can't believe that makes the news in Texas!! Here it's like an everyday occurance. The thing around here is to drop off pregnant house cats on farm roads.. I have taken care of a few of these, but there are many more that are lost to the world. In fact my cat was the kitten of a drop off! And I am so happy that god saw fit to send roxy my way, but if it would saved his mom and brothers and sisters, I wish that they would have already had a good home..

No criminal charges have ever been filed to my knowledge, everyone just ignores it.. However, TNR is illegal.. go figure..
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A few years ago we had someone dump off kittens over our back fence in the middle of a severe rainstorm! I had no idea they were there, and when I found them the next morning, it was to late for all 6 of them. They never stood a chance, they were to young and the elements got to them. Had the people left them on my doorstep they would have at least had a chance.
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I can't see why some people would dump their animals like that....

They can at least take them to a animal shelter or try friends or neighbors..........

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I know around here, shelters will tell you straight off that they will euthanize the cat and kittens because they are so crowded, so people, in some hairbrained attempt at being noble, decide that at least in the wilderness the cat will have a chance to survive. Which usually leads to a more painful death than any shelter could give. We have a huge problem in Pennsylvania with ferals and I'm just crossing my fingers that we don't have an open cat season..
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I live in the country and can always recognize the "dumpster" animals. Most are from the city (for some reason, people think that they're problem pet will have a better chance living in the country), and the dogs typically stay on the roads - they are used to the concrete in the city and naturally follow paved roads - you see them running down the road, totally scared, thin and ragged. When I see them, I pull over and pick them up and find homes for them, but unfortunately, there are far to many killed on the side of the road. (One time I was running late to work and didn't pick up a young dog and he was dead by the time I came back that way later in the day - never left them alone after that.) A lot of them are ill (parvo, heartworm, etc), old or have behavior problems and the owners obviously don't want the expense or time to treat them.

Cats are usually dumped "off road" - farther from the blacktop, and usually by my house. Got a new batch of these (3 unrelated kittens) a few weeks ago.

Yep, this really p*sses me off. I've heard people actually say that rather than taking their pet to the pound, they'll just drop them off in the country cause they think their chances are better out there. Really sick, uneducated people out there! There problem becomes my problem time and time again!
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I live in the backwoods of TN and see way too many dumped animals. This past June someone dumped two black and one yellow mixed lab puppies in the woods by our home. After two days of watching them sit by the road, even though we weren't ready for dogs, we took them in. Over the summer we nursed them back to health and racked up about $400 in vet bills. We found homes for the two black pups and planned to keep the yellow one for ourselves. In September we took the yellow pup, Jack, to the vet to be neutered. We boarded him there for a few days to keep his stitches clean (he was alway in the creek here). Over the weekend someone broke into the vet where he was being boarded and let him out of the kennel. He was run over by a car on the highway and killed instantly.

I would love to get my hands on the jerk who dumped those puppies by the side of the road. He stole our money, he stole our hearts, he stole three months of my life and he caused us days of profound distress and sadness.

Here's my sweet Jack who only lived to be 6 months old:

PS Please make sure you always check the security at your vet and kennel before boarding.
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Are you f***ing serious?!!!!! Was he the only dog that they let out of there?!!! What the f***!!! That is so freaking awful! I am so damn sorry that happened, that really makes me sad. That is really really awful.

I don't understand people that dump animals or human babies/kids. I mean, get them fixed or get a freaking condom or pill instead of being irresponsible! The news in Austin that shocks people usually pertains to when someone dumped a baby at a freaking dumpster or a creekbed or behind a store or apartment building. That pisses the heck out of me big time.
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geez what is it with these ppl?? makes me sick
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Jack and one other dog were let out. They were the only ones boarded there that weekend. The other dog survived. He was a stray that was picked up in town and was use to highways. He was being boarded at the vet temporarily. We live on a very rural back road that might see 10 cars on a busy day so Jack was not use to traffic. As of this date, the theives have not been apprehended.
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